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Journal of the American Statistical Association
Journal of the American Statistical Association is a journal of statistical science that publishes research in statistical applications, theory and methods. 
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The American Mathematical Monthly
The American Mathematical Monthly publishes research on mathematics, mathematical ideas, mathematical problems and solutions.
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International Journal of Pavement Engineering
Publishes research on pavement design, mechanics, materials and construction for engineering efficient, reliable and sustainable pavement systems.
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International Journal of Production Research
Publishes leading research on manufacturing and production engineering, logistics, production economics and production strategy.
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International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction
Publishes research on interactive computing (cognitive and ergonomic), digital accessibility, user experience, haptics and the sociology of the internet.
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We describe semiparametric estimation and inference for causal effects using observational data from a single social network. Our asymptotic results are the first to allow for dependence of each observation on a growing number of other units as sample size increases.

Newton’s Method for root-finding is modified to avoid the division step while maintaining quadratic convergence.

The stabilisation of expansive clay subgrades using recycled glass (RG) was proposed, as a sustainable ground improvement technique. Previous studies mainly focused on using RG powder with contents up to 10%, while the current study utilised sand-size particles and up to 40% RG content.

Decision-making in supply chains is challenged by high complexity, a combination of continuous and discrete processes, integrated and interdependent operations, dynamics, and adaptability. The rapidly increasing data availability, computing power and intelligent algorithms unveil new potentials in adaptive data-driven decision-making.

Widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is substantially affecting the human condition in ways that are not yet well understood. Negative unintended consequences abound including the perpetuation and exacerbation of societal inequalities and divisions via algorithmic decision making.

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