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International Journal of Pavement Engineering

Impact Factor: 5.094
Publishes research on pavement design, mechanics, materials and construction for engineering efficient, reliable and sustainable pavement systems.

Road Materials and Pavement Design
Publishes works on properties, characteristics and performance of road and pavement materials and their design, modeling, reuse and environmental aspects.
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Structure and Infrastructure Engineering
Publishes works on design, maintenance, management and lifecycle of infrastructures and methods for analyzing and optimizing infrastructure performance.
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Petroleum Science and Technology
Publishes work on fluid–fluid and rock–fluid interactions in hydrocarbons and transport phenomena in porous media for advanced petroleum recovery processes.
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Top Journals for High Impact Research

The stabilisation of expansive clay subgrades using recycled glass (RG) was proposed, as a sustainable ground improvement technique. Previous studies mainly focused on using RG powder with contents up to 10%, while the current study utilised sand-size particles and up to 40% RG content.

The chemical characterization of bitumen type and ageing state are fundamental in determining structural and mechanical properties of bitumen. This work aims to classify various bitumen types at different ageing states and to identify the primary chemical differences relevant to the classification.

Rapid advances in infrastructure health monitoring and sensing technologies allow the monitoring of infrastructure assets continuously and in real-time throughout their life span.

In this study, characterization processes have been done by synthesizing the nano-aerosil-reinforced polyester composite. Chemical bonds formed in polyester composites were examined with FTIR spectrum and thermal stability with proportional integral derivative (PID) system.

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