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International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction

Impact Factor: 5.094
Publishes research on interactive computing (cognitive and ergonomic), digital accessibility, user experience, haptics and the sociology of the internet.

Behaviour & Information Technology
Publishes research on usability and user experience, human centred interaction, human-centred and user-centred design, and human aspects of the digital world.
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Ergonomics publishes research that applies techniques to optimize system performance, including physical, cognitive, organisational and environmental ergonomics.
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Human-Computer Interaction
Human-Computer Interaction publishes research on interaction Science and system design, looking at how people learn and use computer systems.
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Top Journals for High Impact Research

Widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is substantially affecting the human condition in ways that are not yet well understood. Negative unintended consequences abound including the perpetuation and exacerbation of societal inequalities and divisions via algorithmic decision making.

The use of virtual reality (VR) has seen significant recent growth and presents opportunities for use in many domain areas. The use of head-mounted displays (HMDs) also presents unique opportunities for the implementation of audio feedback congruent with head and body movements, thus matching intuitive expectations.

As the global population ages there is an imperative to enhance labour participation of older workers in ways that support good physical and psychological health. However, there is limited guidance for organisations on how to do this effectively.

Researchers increasingly explore deploying brain–computer interfaces (BCIs) for able-bodied users, with the motivation of accessing mental states more directly than allowed by existing body-mediated interaction. This motivation seems to contradict the long-standing HCI emphasis on embodiment, namely the general claim that the body is crucial for cognition.

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