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Standing as a beacon of academic excellence, here at Taylor & Francis, we continue to play a pivotal role in advancing the frontiers of knowledge and providing a platform for the world’s brightest minds to share their groundbreaking research.

Explore our Eminent Minds Hub where we celebrate human ingenuity and the legacy of our Nobel Prize-winning authors. Discover the works of geniuses who earned the most prestigious accolade.

Taylor & Francis 2023 Nobel Laureates Authors :

Highlighting the Past

Exploring the past is fundamental to charting a well-informed path to the future and at Taylor & Francis, we take the pleasure of assisting you in tailoring the perfect archives collection to meet your academic requirements, all while remaining considerate of your library’s budget.

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Social Science & Humanities

Access our personally curated list of high-impact Social Science and humanities journals featuring disciplines – Education, Art & Humanities, Psychology and many more.

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Science & Technology

Access our personally curated list of high-impact Science & Technology journals featuring disciplines – Biological, Earth, Environment, Food Science and many more.

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Medical & Pharmaceutical Science

Access our personally curated list of high-impact Social Science and humanities journals featuring disciplines -Clinical Psychiatry & Neuroscience, General Medicine & Dentistry, and many more.

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Research with a lasting impact

It is important that we protect facts and formative research, now more than ever!

Research from our classic archives has been cited over 1,300,000 times in the past 5 years and has influenced over 11,000 government documents.

There are also more than 450 articles from Nobel Prize-winning authors featured in the classic archives.

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