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“The Journal of Research on Technology in Education (JRTE) has been a long-standing and reputable venue for the dissemination of cutting-edge research on technology in education for a half century. We are committed to providing authors with expedient and on-topic reviews and editorial decisions to assist authors and advance the quality of the journal.” 

Albert Ritzhaupt & Kara Dawson, Co Editor in Chief; Journal of Research on Technology in Education

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Introduction: On Teacher Shortage

Teacher shortage is arguably one of the biggest challenges impacting public education in the U.S. On the one hand, teachers are leaving the profession due to lack of support and low pay rates, while on the other hand, the number of students entering traditional teacher preparation continue to decline. 

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Addressing the Challenges of Preparing Teachers to Teach about the Climate Crisis

Teachers often lack adequate teacher preparation in knowledge and practices for engaging their students to address the climate crisis. Climate change represents a challenging predicament that requires transforming societies’ systemic, status-quo practices to generate adaptation and mitigation solutions to address the climate crisis 

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With the emerging opportunities of artificial intelligence (AI), learning and teaching may be supported in situ and in real time for more efficient and valid solutions. Hence, AI has the potential to further revolutionize the integration of human and artificial intelligence and impact human and machine collaboration in learning and teaching (De Laat et al., Citation2020).

In this article, we propose implementing and centering Black joy in social studies classrooms to help social studies education work toward achieving its mission and provide space for the full range of Black humanity to enter classrooms. Toward this end, we provide practical starting points for classroom teachers in various social studies disciplines.

The purpose of this research was to investigate the relationships among PD exposure, teachers’ abilities and values, and teachers’ quality of technology integration according to Bloom’s taxonomy. By surveying 724 middle and high school teachers, and using structural equation modeling, this study showed that values mediate the influence of PD exposure on technology integration.

In response, I begin first with a brief discussion about globalization—what it means, and how it is—or perhaps not—affecting teaching and teacher education. I then discuss the mindsets teachers (and therefore teacher education/educators) need to cultivate along four dimensions in the context of globalization: the curricular, professional, moral, and personal. I then close with two immediate actions we should take as/to be a global teacher education community.

Supporting and retaining U.S. K-12 beginning teachers remains a problem and has been linked to early career stress. Although teacher induction programs for beginning teachers have flourished in recent decades, beginning teacher stress persists and can undermine their occupational health.
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“The editorial staff at this journal was prompt and clear in their communication with me. Their feedback was extremely thoughtful and well articulated, which made the revision process simple and straightforward.” 

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