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Did you know that over 2% of the world population has an alcohol or substance abuse disorder? Our Taylor & Francis authors are trying to break the stigma of substance abuse and alcoholism one research article at a time.

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“The field of addiction studies is characterised by a dearth of basic theorizing & original ideas. This is why Addiction Research and Theory is such an important journal in the field – simply because it has the potential to help remedy the sterility of much of the current scientific literature on addiction. I am sometimes asked by colleagues about articles they have written describing empirical research or theoretical speculations that represents work of good quality but unlikely to be accepted by one of the more well-established journals simply because of its originality. I invariably reply: ‘Try Addiction Research and Theory.’”

Nick Heather, Emeritus Professor of Alcohol & Other Drug Studies, Division of Psychology, Northumbria University

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Focuses on drug abuse, dependence, addiction, rehabilitation and research, hallucinogens, psychotherapy and counseling of individuals and families.
Publishes articles on epidemiology, social pharmacology, policy, instructive intervention failure, instruments and substance misuse and related diseases.
Focuses on the ethnicity and cultural variations in alcohol, tobacco and substance use and abuse and on substance and drug abusers of various ethnic groups.
This cross-disciplinary journal publishes articles on psychological, social, economic, epidemiologic, medical and other aspects of addictive behavior.
Publishes international research encompassing drug and alcohol use and misuse and all addictive disorders (including behavioral), covering topics such as public policy, epidemiology, neurobiology, and treatment.
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“Addiction Research and Theory fills an important gap. Unlike most journals in the field, it is willing to depart from the narrow positivist approach to knowledge that constrains much of the literature. Hence its content is particularly diverse, including a good balance of qualitative and quantitative work, of socially oriented as well as biopsychological research, and policy relevant contributions – often controversial – as well as basic research.”

Jim Orford, Emeritus Professor of Clinical & Community Psychology at The University of Birmingham
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