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Social and Health Inequities in Chronic Pain across the Lifespan

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31 July 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Fiona Webster, University of Western Ontario
[email protected]

Kara Turcotte, University of Western Ontario
[email protected]

Leigha Comer, University of Western Ontario
[email protected]

Abhimanyu Sud, University of Toronto
[email protected]

Joel Katz- Editor-in-Chief, Canadian Journal of Pain, York University
[email protected]

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Social and Health Inequities in Chronic Pain across the Lifespan

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There is growing awareness of the social and health inequities in chronic pain. People living with chronic pain often face stigma, discrimination, and multiple barriers to accessing health care. While chronic pain is over-represented among marginalized social groups, few studies focus specifically on issues such as racism, colonialism, stigma, ableism, exclusion, marginalization, poverty, and food insecurity and their impacts across the lifespan.

This Special Issue is dedicated to highlighting current and future contributions of critical scholarship related to social and health inequities in chronic pain across the lifespan. For this Special Issue, both original research and review articles will be considered. Specifically, we encourage submissions that (1) present empirical data on a topic related to structural and systemic inequities in pain research and management, including, but not limited to, racism, sexism, colonialism, poverty, or disability; (2) synthesize literature in this area; or (3) address theoretical and methodological issues related to critical scholarship on social and health inequities in chronic pain across the lifespan. We welcome manuscripts focused on various methodological approaches, including observational studies, clinical trials, qualitative research, population-based studies, and review articles.

Submission Instructions

Manuscripts should be prepared according to the Canadian Journal of Pain’s Instructions for Authors and submitted through the Journal’s Manuscript Central Submission Portal. All submitted manuscripts will undergo peer review prior to a decision on publication. As the Canadian Journal of Pain is an open-access publication, accepted manuscripts will be subject to the Journal’s article publishing fees. Members of the Canadian Pain Society are eligible for a discount (to be requested at the time of manuscript submission). Authors from specific low-income countries are eligible for a 100% waiver of article processing charges.

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