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The American Mathematical Monthly publishes research on mathematics, mathematical ideas, mathematical problems and solutions.
Publishes research on theoretical aspects of partial differential equations, as well as its applications to other areas of mathematics, physics, and engineering.
Publishes papers on formal results inspired by experimentation, conjectures suggested by experiments and data supporting significant hypotheses in mathematics.
Publishes high-quality original research papers that advance the study of linear and multilinear algebra, or that include novel applications of linear and multilinear algebra to other branches of mathematics and science.
Forum for peer-reviewed research in mathematics education to be presented and adapted to the needs of schools, colleges, universities, industry and commerce.
Publishes papers on algebra topics like commutative algebra, ring, module and group theories, non-associative algebra (Lie and Jordan) and algebraic geometry.
The College Mathematics Journal publishes international research to enhance classroom learning, focused on mathematics curriculum and undergraduates mathematics.
Mathematics Magazine publishes international research on mathematics, including historical content and connections between  mathematics and other disciplines. 

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“Dr. Colin Foster, the IJMEST editor-in-chief, is a wonderful and reasonable editor to work with. In fact, the entire staff, including the production managers are great to work with. I am truly pleased about the management and staff of this journal.”

Published Author, International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology

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