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Nutrition and Cancer
Reports research on the impact of nutrition on cancer etiology, therapy, and prevention, covering topics like, carcinogenesis, dietetics, and food policies.
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Cancer Investigation
Publishes original papers, essays, reports on new technologies, and reviews in the fields of translational and clinical oncology.It offers accelerated publication.
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Leukemia & Lymphoma
Publishes research on hematological cancers, covering disease biology, novel agents, chemotherapy, pharmacology/pharmacogenomics, ethics and epidemiology.
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Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
An international journal publishing pediatric hematology and oncology research, including pharmacology, stem cells, molecular targeting, immune therapies & transplantation.
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Breast Cancer: Targets and Therapy

Publishes open access research on breast cancer, including epidemiology, cell research, drug delivery and treatment for enhanced survival and quality of life.

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Breast cancer continues to be a clinical issue with increases in the incident among all groups. Sharing of global epidemiologic, treatments, microenvironmental influence and molecular mechanisms will bring forth information to hasten scientific advances to improve therapies.”

– Professor Pranela Rameshwar, Editor in Chief of Breast Cancer: Targets & Therapy
OncoTargets and Therapy

Publishes open access molecular research on all types of cancer, including therapeutic targets and regimens, diagnosis, pathology, and novel treatments.

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Cancer Management and Research

Cancer Management and Research is part of our Elevate Series. This means that you will receive a concierge-level publishing experience, including dedicated support from our expert in-house Editorial team.

Publishes open access research on cancer, including epidemiology, cell research, surgery and preventative and integrated treatment for enhanced quality of life.
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Journal of Chemotherapy
The Journal of Chemotherapy publishes international research on all aspects of antimicrobial and antitumor chemotherapy including anticancer drugs and gene therapy.
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Molecular & Cellular Oncology
Publishes original papers, reviews, perspectives and commentaries on oncogenesis, tumor progression and therapeutics for solid and hematological cancers.
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Oncoimmunology publishes international translational and clinical research into tumor immunology including anticancer therapies and immunotherapies.
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Cancer Biology & Therapy
Publishes articles on the molecular basis of cancer, including translational diagnostic relevance or therapy, reviews, op-ed pieces and meeting reports.
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    Contribute your research to an upcoming Oncology article collection:

    Submit your manuscript to one of the upcoming article collections to be featured in Breast Cancer: Targets and Therapy: – Targeting Triple-Negative Breast Cancers: Modern Advancements and Future Directions
    –¬†Invasive Lobular Carcinoma: A Distinctive Entity
    – Targeting Stem Cells for Breast Cancer Therapy
    –¬†Hormone Receptors and Receptor Tyrosine Kinases in Breast Cancer

    Submit your manuscript to the upcoming article collection, “Advances in Nucleic Acid Delivery Strategies for Cancer Therapy” in our journal, Drug Delivery. This special issue aims to provide an overview of the latest advances in the strategies for the delivery of nucleic acid-based therapeutics to cancer cells.

    Submit your manuscript to the upcoming article collection, “The Human Microbiome and Cancer” in our journal, Cancer Biology & Therapy. This article collection aims to provide a broad survey of the most recent advances in the human microbiome and cancer research.

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