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Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics is an international journal of vaccinology and immunotherapy that publishes all aspects of work in these fields.

Emerging Microbes & Infections publishes research related to emerging infectious diseases, including epidemic surveillance, drug discovery and vaccine development.   

A MEDLINE-indexed peer-reviewed journal providing expert commentary on the development, application, and clinical effectiveness of new vaccines. Topics include vaccine technology, vaccine adjuvants, prophylactic vaccines, and therapeutic vaccines. It offers accelerated publication.

Publishes open access research on inflammation, including neuroimune and molecular mechanisms, and pharmacology, mediators and cellular process of inflammation.

Addresses research on cellular and molecular immunology as relevant to innate and adaptive immune and autoimmune responses in health and disease, including regulatory and epigenetic mechanisms controlling such responses.

Virulence publishes research on microbial pathogenesis, infection mechanisms and host–pathogen interactions to address new challenges in infectious diseases.

A MEDLINE-indexed, peer-reviewed journal providing the latest research on the performance of new therapeutic and diagnostic modalities in clinical immunology. This journal offers accelerated publication.

Infectious Diseases publishes international research on all aspects of human infections including pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious diseases.

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The devastating Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic indicates that early detection of candidates with pandemic potential is vital. However, comprehensive metagenomic sequencing of the total microbiome is not practical due to the astronomical and rapidly evolving numbers and species of micro-organisms.

Current WHO/UNICEF estimates of routine childhood immunization coverage reveal the largest sustained decline in uptake in three decades with pronounced setbacks across Africa. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has induced significant supply and delivery disruptions, the impact of the pandemic on vaccine confidence is less understood.

Vaccine hesitancy is among the top 10 threats to global health, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In this exploration, we delve into ChatGPT capacity to generate opinions on vaccine hesitancy by interrogating this AI chatbot for the 50 most prevalent counterfait messages, false and true contraindications, and myths circulating on the internet regarding vaccine safety.

Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States and affects approximately 85% of people ages 12– 24. As a multifactorial disease, the pathogenesis of acne involves overproduction of sebum, irregular shedding of the cutaneous cells, accretion of Cutibacterium acnes at the pilosebaceous unit, and inflammation. To date, conventional therapies for acne include topical retinoids, over-the-counter bactericidal agents, and systematic treatments, such as oral antibiotics and isotretinoin.

A number of vaccines have now been developed against COVID-19. Differences in reactogenicity and safety profiles according to the vaccine technologies employed are becoming apparent from clinical trials.

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