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Publishes open access research on internal medicine, including nonsurgical treatment, healthcare programs and patient perspectives, outcomes and satisfaction.

Publishes open access original case reports and case series by practitioners and surgeons from all medical and research specialties.


Publishes open access research by interdisciplinary teams, combining several academic specializations, as well as evaluations of such teams and their results.

A peer-reviewed OA journal publishing across all areas of medicine as part of the Elevate Series

50 years of cutting-edge original research in drug development and healthcare innovation. CMRO offers accelerated publication.

Prehospital Emergency Care publishes international research relevant to the practice, educational advancement and investigation of emergency medical services. 

Publishes translational research on improving clinical medicine and human health, including research in Basic Science Methods and Clinical Trial Study Designs.

Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings is a peer-reviewed medical journal that publishes clinical articles of interest to practitioners.

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In 2019, the National EMS Quality Alliance (NEMSQA) established a suite of 11 evidence-based EMS quality measures, yet little is known regarding EMS performance on a national level. Our objective was to describe EMS performance at a response and agency level using the National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) dataset.

Exercise has traditionally been viewed as a contraindication for individuals with asthma, as it was believed to trigger or worsen acute asthma attacks. However, with scientific and appropriate exercise training, it has been proven that respiratory function and exercise capacity can be effectively improved and enhanced in asthma patients. This study aimed to compare the effects of different types of exercise on pulmonary function in adult patients with asthma using Network Meta-analysis.

The association between a plant-based diet (vegetarianism) and extended life span is increasingly criticised since it may be based on the lack of representative data and insufficient removal of confounders such as lifestyles.

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