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International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction
Publishes research on interactive computing (cognitive and ergonomic), digital accessibility, user experience, haptics and the sociology of the internet.
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Behaviour & Information Technology
Publishes research on usability and user experience, human centred interaction, human-centred and user-centred design, and human aspects of the digital world.
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Ergonomics publishes research that applies techniques to optimize system performance, including physical, cognitive, organisational and environmental ergonomics.
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Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology is an international journal publishing research in the multi-disciplinary field of technology for people with disabilities.
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Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science
Publishes interdisciplinary works on human factors and ergonomics theories and applications, including qualitative and quantitative methodological frameworks.
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Human-Computer Interaction
Human-Computer Interaction publishes research on interaction Science and system design, looking at how people learn and use computer systems.
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Our Most Read Open Access Articles

Widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is substantially affecting the human condition in ways that are not yet well understood. Negative unintended consequences abound including the perpetuation and exacerbation of societal inequalities and divisions via algorithmic decision making. We present six grand challenges for the scientific community to create AI technologies that are human-centered, that is, ethical, fair, and enhance the human condition…

Our work explores the feasibility of 3D printed flavor-based cues for the recall of self-defining memories in old age. In a two-month project with 12 older adults, we employed a 3 stage mixed methodology through which we elicited 72 self-defining memories, codesigned bespoke flavor-based cues for each one, and explored in participants’ homes the impact of these 3D printed flavor-based cues on the recall of their self-defining memories…

This study quantified the physiological and biomechanical effects of the 20 lb (9.07 kg, males) and 14 lb (6.35 kg, females) weighted vest used in CrossFit, and whether they were predisposed to injury. 

This paper presents the use of a parametric design platform and 3D printing to create personalized assistive devices (ADs) for individuals with cerebral palsy, specifically a fork/spoon holder…

To reduce ergonomic risks for their workforce, many industries in Thailand seek assistance from professional ergonomists. However, most academic programs are delivered by instructors with limited human factor and ergonomics (HFE) background, who incorporate either physical or cognitive parts of HFE. 

The objective of the present study was to initiate a transformation of the professional development in Thailand…

Underpinned by pragmatism and symbolic interactionism, an inductive content analysis was conducted to assess driving experiences under a variety of music conditions. Many quantitative studies have addressed the effects of music on drivers, but there has been a conspicuous dearth of qualitative research to provide a more nuanced understanding of music-related phenomena. 

Chatbots are becoming omnipresent in our daily lives. Despite rapid improvements in natural language processing in the last years, the technology behind chatbots is still not completely mature, and chatbots still make a lot of mistakes during their interactions with users.

This award, formerly the Liberty Mutual Award, recognises the paper published in the journal ‘Ergonomics’ that best contributes to the advancement of the practice of ergonomics, as judged by the editors.

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