Are you seeking to enhance your institution’s research impact with open access publishing solution?

Our Partnership program provides institutions with a tailored solution to facilitate researchers in publishing Open Access (OA). These programs are designed to simplify the OA publishing process for authors, while institutions benefit from discounted Article Publishing Charges (APCs), increased visibility of accepted articles from their institution, and tools to raise the profile of their institution’s OA research. Additionally, these partnerships helps institutions in efficiently managing the administration of OA articles.

This page provides an overview of the opportunities within our Institutional Partnership program to become a Taylor & Francis Open Access Member.

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The membership programme offers prestigious institutions a bespoke solution to support researchers in their publishing journey and help your institution drive its research impact. The benefits are:

An open research publishing Platform offering rapid and transparent publication of all research outputs, in all disciplines, indexed in PubMed, Scopus, Crossref, DOAJ, and more. The benefits are:

  • Get discounts on Article Processing Charges (APCs) based on institutional membership

  • Access to a specially designed Researcher Dashboard for institutions to manage their accounts.

  • Dedicated member page as an ‘Open Access Member’ on Taylor & Francis Publisher’s main journals website.

  • Get discounts on Article Processing Charges (APCs) based on institutional membership

  • An agreement in which the partner organization pre-pays a dedicated content package for its researchers’ future publication.

  • Commitment to open and transparent publishing principles

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