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以下是 Taylor & Francis 為了頌揚世界野生動物日以及國際森林日而想要分享的各項資源。各項資源將提供到 3月26日。

Article Journal
Linking ecosystem services and economic development for optimizing land use change in the poverty areas Ecosystem Health and Sustainability
Fertilization and clear-cutting effect on greenhouse gases emission of pinewood nematode damaged Masson pine plantation Ecosystem Health and Sustainability
Incorporating carbon sink of harvested wood products into ecological footprint accounting: model and case study Ecosystem Health and Sustainability
Species composition, stand structure, and regeneration status of tree species in dry Afromontane forests of Awi Zone, northwestern Ethiopia Ecosystem Health and Sustainability
Regulating wildlife conservation and food safety to prevent human exposure to novel virus Ecosystem Health and Sustainability
Forest-based livelihood choices and their determinants in Western Kenya Forest Science and Technology
Non-timber forest product utilization under community forest management in northern Thailand Forest Science and Technology
Preferences for ecosystem services provided by urban forests in South Korea Forest Science and Technology
Soil properties after forest rehabilitation by planting teak and mahogany in Java, Indonesia Forest Science and Technology
Commodifying the community forestry: a case from scientific forestry practices in Western Hills of Nepal Journal of Forest Research
Perceptions of local communities on mangrove forests, their services and management: implications for Eco-DRR and blue carbon management for Eastern Samar, Philippines Journal of Forest Research
From joint forest management to more smallholder-based community forestry: prospects and challenges in Java, Indonesia Journal of Forest Research
Policy effects for forest conservation and local livelihood improvements in Vietnam: a case study on Bach Ma National Park Journal of Forest Research
Coppice restoration and conservation: a European perspective Journal of Forest Research




這兩個特別的日子旨在推動人們討論如何建立人類與最重要的自然資源(包括野生動植物)之間的永續互動模式。這符合聯合國永續發展目標 (SDGs),包括目標1、2、12、13 和 15。

請造訪 Taylor & Francis 的永續發展目標線上平台(Sustainable Development Goals Online),此平台精選出與永續發展目標相關的各項資源。


為了滿足您的研究目的,您可以瀏覽超過 2,180 種期刊和超過 12,000 本電子書,其範圍囊括社會科學、人文、自然科學、技術、工程和醫學等領域。