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Special Issue on Art, Dreams, and Miracles

We invite scholars to submit their original research papers to be part of a special edition on art, dreams and miracles (guest editor, Nada Al-Hudaid). This issue, to be published in print and online versions (slated for Mar 2020), explores the creative relationship between art and oneiric experiences (including dreams, miracles, visitations and/or visions). Oneiric experiences are translated by people in diverse ways; stories, sermons, prayers and, not least, art (Degarrod 2017; Edgar 2016; Mittermaier 2011; Price-Williams and Gaines 1994). Dreams and miracles may be expressed through many forms, e.g., painting, poetry, song and dance. The creative process of translating dreams and miracles to these forms can be highly significant and may lead to specific social encounters, actions, reflections and controversies. Their study informs about modes of representation, states of being and social relations. Thus, the issue highlights how dream experiences are materialised in different cultures, and less on analysing artists’ work or the imagery of dreams. Any treatment of recorded form (visual, oral, written or performative) is welcome. The enhanced online version can incorporate video and sound recordings (as well as extra illustrations in colour). Some possible lines of exploration include: how are dreams and/or miracles materialised? What role does art play in representing and facilitating dream and miraculous experiences? How can the art of oneiric experiences be theorised and researched (e.g. using ethnographic or archaeological techniques)? What are the challenges of researching the art of dreams and miracles in world contexts?

Submission guidelines

For guidelines: please see instructions for authors.

For expressions of interest, additional information or queries, please contact the editorial office.