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World AIDS Day 2019

Enjoy free access to a selection of key research articles

Perspectives and current research in HIV/AIDS

Covering a diversity of topics from medicine to the social sciences, this article collection explores key areas of interest related to HIV/AIDS. 

To coincide with World AIDS Day on 1 December 2019, we are pleased to offer free access to the whole collection for a limited time.

Articles will be available to read for free from this page until 31/01/2020

AIDS Care provides an authoritative forum from the beginning of the epidemic for publishing critical, cutting edge and state of the art research, reviews and reports from the many complementary disciplines involved in the AIDS and HIV field in one key source.

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Article Title Author/sYear
Earlier diagnoses and faster treatment of HIV in the District of Columbia: HIV surveillance analysis, 2006–2016Rupali K. Doshi, J. Li, K. Dorsey, A. Allston & M. Kharfen2019
Healthcare facility characteristics associated with achievement and maintenance of HIV viral suppression among persons newly diagnosed with HIV in New York CityEllen W. Wiewel, Luisa N. Borrell, Heidi E. Jones, Andrew R. Maroko & Lucia V. Torian2019
The impacts of depression and anxiety on quality of life among patients with HIV/AIDS and their spouses: testing dyadic dynamics using the actor-partner interdependence modelZahra Bagheri, Marjan Taheri & Nasrin Motazedian2019
HIV testing intentions and behaviors among 14-17-year-old sexual minority malesAlyssa L Norris, Kimberly M. Nelson & Michael P. Carey2019
HIV testing in a large community health center serving a multi-cultural patient population: A qualitative study of providersAnthony J. James, Danelle Marable, Caroline V. Cubbison et al.2019
Is co-location of services with HIV care associated with improved HIV care outcomes? A systematic reviewYuko Mizuno, Darrel H Higa, Carolyn A Leighton, Mary Mullins & Nicole Crepaz2019
Exploring the associations between physical and sexual gender-based violence and HIV among women who use substances in South Africa: the role of agency and alcoholCourtney Peasant Bonner, Felicia A. Browne, Jacqueline W. Ndirangu et al.2019
Adverse childhood experiences, mental health, substance use, and HIV-related outcomes among persons with HIVKelly C. Young-Wolff, Varada Sarovar, Stacy A. Sterling et al.2019
Navigating between rules and reality: a qualitative study of HIV positive MSM’s experiences of communication at HIV clinics in Sweden about the rules of conduct and infectiousnessTobias Herder & Anette Agardh2019

The Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services provides a forum in which social workers and other professionals in the field of HIV/AIDS work can access the latest research and techniques in order to provide effective social, educational, and clinical services to all individuals affected by HIV/AIDS.

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Article Title Author/sYear
Professionally-moderated, psychoeducational web-based support for women living with HIV: An exploratory studyMonica A. Ghabrial, Catherine C. Classen & Julie D. Maggi2019
Religious Beliefs and HIV-related Stigma: Considerations for Healthcare ProvidersNooshin Zarei, Hassan Joulaei, Mahboobeh Ghoreishi & Mostafa Dianatinasab2019
The Hidden Burden of HIV in the Undocumented Immigrant population of the United StatesShafaq Jawed & Uzair Yaqoob2019
Defining the Linkage Specialist Role in the HIV Care CascadeKatherine Pincura & Chidinma Okafor2019
Barriers and Facilitators to Initiating PrEP Conversations: Perspectives and Experiences of Health Care ProvidersNoelle M. St.Vil, Sarahmona Przybyla & Susan LaValley2019
The Attitudes towards Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Scale: Development and ValidationRusi Jaspal, Bárbara Lopes & Ismael Maatouk2019
Barriers to PrEP Uptake: Perspectives of Community Health Workers in the Mid-South Region of the United StatesKendra Vaughn, Patrick J. Dillon & Satish K. Kedia2019
Exploring diet, physical activity, and body image among older Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) who have experienced the long-term impact of HIV/AIDSJoachim Sackey, Pamela Valera, Perry N. Halkitis & Kristen D. Krause2019
Alcohol use, mental health, and parenting practices among HIV-positive mothersMarya T. Schulte, William Marelich, H. Isabella Lanza, Nada M. Goodrum, Lisa Armistead & Debra A. Murphy2019

Special Issue: Biopsychosocial Challenges of Older Adults Living with HIV

Behavioral Medicine, Volume 40, Issue 3 (2014)

Article Title Author/s
Biopsychosocial Aspects of HIV and AgingTimothy G. Heckman & Perry N. Halkitis
HIV/AIDS in Older Women: Unique Challenges, Unmet NeedsRamani Durvasula
Smoking and HIV-related Health Issues among Older HIV-positive Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with MenDanielle C. Ompad, Molly Kingdon, Sandra Kupprat, Sophia N. Halkitis, Erik David Storholm & Perry N. Halkitis
Substance Use and Sexual Risk Differences among Older Bisexual and Gay Men with HIVMark Brennan-Ing, Kristen E. Porter, Liz Seidel & Stephen E. Karpiak
Aging and HIV/AIDS: Neurocognitive Implications for Older HIV-Positive Latina/o AdultsMonica Rivera Mindt, Caitlin Miranda, Alyssa Arentoft et al.
Depression Moderates Treatment Efficacy of an HIV Secondary-Prevention Intervention for HIV-Positive Late Middle-Age and Older AdultsTravis I. Lovejoy & Timothy G. Heckman
The Moderating Role of Sexual Identity in Group Teletherapy for Adults Aging with HIVBernadette Davantes Heckman, Travis I. Lovejoy, Timothy G. Heckman et al.
Current Knowledge and Future Directions on Aging and HIV ResearchCharles A. Emlet

HIV/AIDS: Research and Palliative Care

An international, peer-reviewed, open access journal focusing on advances in research in HIV, its clinical progression and management options including antiviral treatment, palliative care and public healthcare policies to control viral spread.

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The Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS (SAHARA-J) disseminates vital open access research on social factors relating to HIV/AIDS.

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Article Title Author/sYear
Social and behavioral factors associated with risky sexual behaviors among university students in nine ASEAN countries: A multi-country cross-sectional studySiyan Yi, Vannarath Te, Supa Pengpid & Karl Peltzer2018
Understanding the role played by parents, culture and the school curriculum in socializing young women on sexual health issues in rural South African communitiesFeziwe Mpondo, Robert A.C. Ruiter, Dilana Schaafsma, Bart van den Borne & Priscilla S. Reddy2018
Risky sexual behaviours among young people in sub-Saharan Africa: how can parents use the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion for change?Elvis Tarkang, Lilian Pencille, Hubert Amu, Joyce Komesour & Prosper Lutala2019
Longitudinal Analysis of HIV Risk Behaviour Patterns and their Predictors among Public Primary Care Patients with Tuberculosis in South AfricaKarl Peltzer2018
A weighted bootstrap approach to logistic regression modelling in identifying risk behaviours associated with sexual activityHumphrey Brydon, Rénette Blignaut & Joachim Jacobs2019
Navigating Intimate Sexual Partnerships in an Era of HIV: Dimensions of Couple Relationship Quality and Satisfaction among Adults in Eswatini and Linkages to HIV RiskAllison Ruark, Edward C. Green, Amy Nunn, Caitlin Kennedy, Alfred Adams, Thandeka Dlamini-Simelane & Pamela J. Surkan2019
Zimbabwean Secondary School Guidance and Counseling teachers teaching sexuality education in the HIV and AIDS education curriculumEphias Gudyanga, Naydene de Lange & Mathabo Khau2019

Special Issue: A sustainable AIDS response: results in the era of shrinking donor funding

African Journal of AIDS Research, Volume 18, Issue 4 (2019)

Article Title Author/s
Editorial – A sustainable AIDS response: results in the era of shrinking donor fundingSteven Forsythe & Iris Semini
Developing the Global Health Cost Consortium Unit Cost Study Repository for HIV and TB: Methodology and Lessons LearnedWillyanne DeCormier Plosky, Lori A Bollinger, Lily Alexander et al.
The state of costing research for HIV interventions in sub-Saharan AfricaDrew B Cameron, Mohamed Mustafa Diab, Lauren N Carroll et al.
Using information on ART costs and benefits to mobilise resources – comparing different methods and contextsAnthony Kinghorn
A meta-analysis approach for estimating average unit costs for ART using pooled Facility-level primary data from African countriesDiego Cerecero-García, Carlos Pineda-Antunez, Lily Alexander et al.
HIV Treatment Support Services in Tanzania: A Cost and Efficiency Analysis at Facility and Community LevelsSteven Forsythe, Bryant Lee, Kuki Tarimo, Boniface Silvan, Marianna Balampama, Julie Chitty & Sara Bowsky
Which delivery model innovations can support sustainable HIV treatment?Caroline A Bulstra, Jan AC Hontelez, Osondu Ogbuoji & Till Bärnighausen
The costs of home-based HIV testing and counselling in sub-Saharan Africa and its association with testing yield: a literature reviewKatharina Hauck
HIV testing preferences among pregnant women attending antenatal care and their male partners: a discrete choice experiment in UgandaJeffrey E Korte, Michael Strauss, Aissatou Ba
Meta-analysis of average costs of HIV Testing and Counselling and Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision across 13 countriesCarlos Pineda-Antunez, Gisela Martinez-Silva, Diego Cerecero-Garcia et al.
Smart Cascades: Using Cost Analysis to Improve HIV Care and Treatment Interventions to Achieve Global 95-95-95 GoalsCatherine Barker Cantelmo, Bryant Lee & Arin Dutta
Planning and Sustaining HIV response in the countries of the ‘Risky Middle’Alan Whiteside, Robert Greener & Iris Semini
It’s politics, stupid! A political analysis of the HIV/AIDS Trust Fund in UgandaCharles Birungi & Timothy Colbourn
The Future of HIV and AIDS – A Persistent PriorityAlison Reiszadeh
Doomed Interventions: The Failure of Global Responses to AIDS in AfricaBrittany Ennis

Global Public Health is an essential peer-reviewed journal that energetically engages with key public health issues that have come to the fore in the global environment.

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Article Title Author/sYear
A Colonial Legacy of HIV/AIDS, NTD and STI super syndemics: Eugenicist foreign aid and intertwined health burdens in NigeriaMehar Maju, Andria Sharma, Archana Beeram & Bayla Ostrach2019
Shedding light on a HIV blind spot: Factors associated with men’s HIV testing in five African countriesPaul J. Fleming, Joseph G. Rosen, Vincent J. Wong & Maria Augusta Carrasco2019
Characterising the relationship between migration and stigma affecting healthcare engagement among female sex workers in Lomé, TogoMolly E. Lasater, Ashley Grosso, Sosthenes Ketende et al.2019
Navigating 'Ethics in Practice': an Ethnographic Case Study with Young Women Living with HIV in ZambiaConstance R.S. Mackworth-Young, Mira L. Schneiders, Alison Wringe, Musonda Simwinga & Virginia Bond2019
Media, nationalism, and the body: Exploring masculinities, male partner violence, and HIV vulnerability among female sex workers in Northern Karnataka, IndiaShamshad Khan, Sapna Nair, Anthony Huynh et al.2019
Sex work, discrimination, drug use and violence: a pattern for HIV risk among transgender sex workers compared to MSM sex workers and other MSM in GuatemalaWilliam M. Miller, William C. Miller, Clare Barrington et al.2019
The trouble with difference: challenging and reproducing inequality in a biomedical HIV research community engagement processAnneliese de Wet, Leslie Swartz, Ashraf Kagee et al.2019
“If she gave birth to a healthy child, then she may forget about her own health”: Postpartum engagement in HIV care and treatment among women living with HIV in RussiaElizabeth J. King, Irina Evdokimova & Julia Godunova2018