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Dr. Marina Levina
University of Memphis
Book and Media Review Editor
[email protected]

As the Book and Media Review Editor of Women’s Studies in Communication (WSIC), I am now accepting proposals to review for volumes 43-45.

Book and Media Review Guidelines

Generally speaking, content of book and media reviews should demonstrate:

  • A working knowledge of the text’s major premises
  • A theoretical, methodological, and/or historical context for the text’s major arguments/contributions
  • An analytical, yet humane analysis of the text’s major premises, contributions, etc.
  • An insight into the text in question as well as a larger conversation from which it emerges
  • A recommendation of who and/or what the book/media is relevant to/for

Book reviewers will be expected to:

  • Craft a thorough and provocative 800-1,000 word book review (including references)
  • Conform to the APA Style Manual, 6th or the MLA Handbook 7th ed.
  • Use the following format at the outset of their review (the citation style might differ depending on the type of media reviewed):

Author Last Name, Author First Name. Title. Publisher Location: Name of Publisher, year. Number of pages followed by “pp”. price (“paperback” or “hardcover”). ISBN

Reviewed by _________
Title, College
City, State, Country

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Media reviewers will be expected to:

  • Craft a thorough and provocative 800-1,000 word media review (including references)
  • Conform to the APA Style Manual, 6th or the MLA Handbook 7th ed.
  • Use the following format at the outset of their review (the citation style might differ depending on the type of media reviewed):

Production Company. Title. Year, price
Reviewed by _________
Title, College
City, State, Country

Please note that each submission will go through at least two rounds of edits prior to publication.

About the Journal

Women's Studies in Communication (WSIC ) provides a feminist forum for diverse research, reviews, and commentary addressing the relationships between communication and gender. WSIC invites contributions that advance our understanding of the intersections of gender and race, ethnicity, nationality, ability, sexuality, and class, as well as the articulations between gendered performances, power, and representation in public culture. Topically and methodologically inclusive, WSIC publishes quantitative, qualitative, and critical communication scholarship drawing from a variety of areas including but not limited to interpersonal, organizational, performance, rhetoric, media, and cultural studies.

We are especially interested in featuring books and media that position gender at the intersection of race, class, sexuality, queer and transgender politics, dis/ability, post-colonialism, transnationalism and other forms of identities and politics.

Submitting a Proposal

Submission Instructions for Reviewers

If you are interested in reviewing, please send the following information directly to [email protected] with “WSIC-BMR” in the subject line: (1) your name, (2) full title and contact information, (3) proposed book or media title to review, (4) your qualifications and relationship to the author (if relevant), and (5) proposed timeline for the completion of your review. Do not submit a completed review without contacting me first. Please do not submit your reviews via ScholarOne. I will respond to book and media review inquires within two weeks unless otherwise noted via a vacation or travel email notification. Proposals will be considered as they come in, and the decision to accept or decline a proposal to review will be impacted by a constellation of factors including existing reviews, timeline, issue space, etc. First-time reviewers may find the following link helpful: http://writingcenter.unc.edu/handouts/book-reviews/

Submission Instructions for Authors

Authors should feel welcome to support their own work by encouraging colleagues to propose to review their work in response to this call. They can also email me directly to let me know about their books and offer names of potential reviewers.

Potential Books and Media

I am quite open to additional options being proposed; however, below please find a link of recent books and media to potentially review that would be an excellent fit for WSIC. Note: In terms of space allotment in WSIC for book and media reviews, not everything included on this list as examples could be reviewed during my tenure—rather these are possibilities. They are organized by the date of publication and then alphabetically by author.

Media reviews can address more traditional forms of media such as radio, television, and film. However, reviews of social media such as #hashtags and blogs, podcasts, standup comedy, independent media outlets, media activism and hacktivism, and corporate media policies and practices are also encouraged. Media reviews must ground their analysis in an intersectional approach to gender studies.

Please note that the list linked here – WSIC BMR Potential Books and Media to Review - will be updated periodically to include new books and media. Please do not start writing a review of one of these books or media texts without contacting me first.

Further Inquiries

For any further inquires about Book and Media Reviews for WSIC, please contact:

Marina Levina, PhD
Associate Professor
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Department of Communication and Film
The University of Memphis
212 Art and Communication Building
Memphis, TN 38152
[email protected]


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