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Women’s History Month


In commemoration of International Women’s Day, Taylor & Francis has curated a collection of ‘Women’s History Month’ free content including journal articles and book titles to honor women’s contributions throughout history.

More often than not, women are expected to fit into the mold of a patriarchal society. Any inch of courage gathered to break the mold is deemed as “less ideal”. Women have come a long way since women’s rights were first held in the United States (1848). Strong, empowering women have been pushing the boundaries for many years and in spite of that, there is still so much work left to do to close the gender gap.

Discover these free resources highlighting research on women’s and gender studies by female authors that are challenging the status quo!

Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent

in the world.

Hillary Clinton

Celebrate The contributions of women throughout history with free-access journal titles!

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Article Title Journal Title Authors
Inclusive Masculinity Theory: overview, reflection and refinement Journal of Gender Studies Anderson, Eric;McCormack, Mark
Speaking ‘unspeakable things’: documenting digital feminist responses to rape culture Journal of Gender Studies Keller, Jessalynn;Mendes, Kaitlynn;Ringrose, Jessica
‘Feel what I feel’: making da(r)ta with teen girls for creative activisms on how sexual violence matters Journal of Gender Studies Renold, Emma
Rape culture, lad culture and everyday sexism: researching, conceptualizing and politicizing new mediations of gender and sexual violence Journal of Gender Studies Phipps, Alison;Ringrose, Jessica;Renold, Emma;Jackson, Carolyn
Recognizing invisible work: The women domestic workers' movement in Bangladesh Asian Journal of Women's Studies Ghosh, Anweshaa
Women leaders in Pakistani academia: Challenges and opportunities Asian Journal of Women's Studies Ali, Rabia; Rasheed, Asma
“Leftover? I am a victorious woman!”– the potential for the emergence of a new womanhood Asian Journal of Women's Studies Zhang, Chao
Inequality and economic development: a test of the feminization hypothesis in selected African countries Gender, Technology and Development Agu, Chinonso V; Aguegboh, Ekene S
Adolescent girls’ use of social media for challenging sexualization Gender, Technology and Development van Oosten, Johanna M F
Enhancing women’s engagement in economic activities through information and communication technology deployment: evidence from Central–Eastern European countries Gender, Technology and Development Lechman, Ewa; Popowska, Magdalena
Parenting during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020: academia, labour and care work Women's History Review Crook, Sarah
Reinventing tradition and indigenizing modernity: the Beijing New Women and their leisure in the early decades of the twentieth century Women's History Review Zhang, Aihua
Radicalism, religion and Mary Wollstonecraft Intellectual History Review Hutton, Sarah
'“Dare you meet a woman”: black women, abolitionism, and protective violence, 1850–1859’ Slavery & Abolition Jackson, Kellie Carter
Of seals and siblings: Teresa/Matilda (d. 1218), queen of Portugal and countess of Flanders Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies Jasperse, Jitske
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FreeBook: Women’s History Month

We are offering chapter samplers from a curated list of books that discusses gender equality and demystify gender roles through the works of strong women. This FreeBook includes exclusive access to a forthcoming book.

History of Feminism

Routledge: History of Feminism

History of Feminism is an exciting online platform that brings together the best and most relevant scholarship from Taylor & Francis, its imprints, and its authors. 

What does it offer?

– Focuses on the widely studied period between 1776-1928 
1000s of chapters of primary source collections, available here in electronic format for the first time 
– More than 1,000 chapters of secondary book content 
– Over 100 journal articles from a range of Taylor & Francis journals 
– An introductory video to the subject and resource from the Academic Editor 

& many more!
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