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Women in Science

Celebrate Women in STEM

2022 marks the 7th year of Women in STEM. The Women in STEM campaign is an initiative to showcase the different opportunities for women in the STEM sector. Here at Taylor & Francis, we are celebrating these women.  We asked some incredible women in STEM what got them into their fields.

We’re amazed to witness this sum of talent, passion, and hard work all in one place. Listen to what they got to tell us about what getting into STEM looks like and would be for future engineers, mathematicians, physicians, astronauts, or whatever you dream of being. Their message is loud and clear.

Don’t let the biases steer you away from your interest and passion for STEM.

Discover the research

Here at Taylor & Francis we put together research articles written by or contributed to by women in our Journals celebrating #WomenInScience that can be accessed for free. Enjoy the video interviews by keynote speakers in their fields on how they got into STEM and highlights of their careers throughout the week on @tandfstem and @tandfphysci

Mathematical & Statistic Articles

Journal Article Title Author(s)
Journal of the American Statistical Association Discussion of “Regression Models for Understanding COVID-19 Epidemic Dynamics With Incomplete Data” Natalie Dean & Yang Yang
Statistics and Public Policy Accumulating Evidence of the Impact of Voter ID Laws: Student Engagement in the Political Process Kelly S. McConville, Lynne Stokes & Mary Gray
Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics A Projection Pursuit Forest Algorithm for Supervised Classification Natalia da Silva, Dianne Cook & Eun-Kyung Lee
The American Mathematical Monthly Crystallographic Groups, Strictly Tessellating Polytopes, and Analytic Eigenfunctions Julie Rowlett, Max Blom, Henrik Nordell, Oliver Thim & Jack Vahnberg
The College Mathematics Journal Musical Notes Angela B. Shiflet
Journal of the Operational Research Society Optimising police dispatch for incident response in real time Sarah Dunnett, Johanna Leigh & Lisa Jackson
Math Horizons Crafting Conic Sections Lauren Siegel
Interdisciplinary Science Reviews Good governance as a response to discontents? Déjà vu, or lessons for AI from other emerging technologies Inga lnicane, Damian Okaibedi EkeIcon, William Knight, George Ogoh & Bernd Carsten Stahl
Health Systems Wait!What does that mean?: Eliminating ambiguity of delays in healthcare from an OR/MS perspective Maria Van Zyl-Cillié, Derya emirtas & Erwin Hans
The College Mathematics Journal Saari, with no Apologies Deanna Haunsperger
Journal of Simulation How simulation modelling can help reduce the impact of COVID-19 Christine S.M. Currie, John W. Fowler, Kathy Kotiadis, Thomas Monks ,Bhakti Stephan Onggo, Duncan A. Robertson & Antuela A. Tako
Journal of Simulation Using soft systems methodology to determine the simulation study objectives K Kotiadis

Medical Articles

Journal Article Title Author(s)
Medical Teacher Effect of race, gender identity, and their intersection on career satisfaction: A cross-sectional survey of academic physicians Reena Pattani, Karen E. A. Burns, Edmund Lorens, Sharon E. Straus & Gillian A. Hawker
Medical Teacher Twelve tips to promote gender equity in international academic medicine Halah Ibrahim, Dora J. Stadler, Sophia Archuleta & Joseph Cofrancesco Jr
The American Journal of Bioethics Physician Sexual Assault: The Moral Imperative for Gender Equity in Medicine Alyssa M. Burgart
Medical Teacher Twelve tips for developing and running a successful women’s group in international academic medicine Halah Ibrahim, Dora J. Stadler,Sophia Archuleta, Pascale Anglade & Joseph Cofrancesco Jr.

Physical Engineering Articles

Journal Article Title Author(s)
Materials Science and Technology Effects of ablative and non-ablative laser shock peening on AA7075-T651 corrosion and fatigue performance A. G. Sanchez, M. Leering, D. Glaser, D. Furfari, M. E. Fitzpatrick, J. A. Wharton & P. A. S. Reeda
International Materials Reviews Electrophoretic deposition of carbon nanotubes: recent progress and remaining challenges Muhammad Atiq Ur Rehma, Qianq Chen, Annabel Braem , Milo S. P. Shaffer & Aldo R. Boccaccini
Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology Stress corrosion crack initiation testing with tapered specimens in high-temperature water – results of a collaborative research project Rik-Wouter Bosch, Stefan Ritter, Matthias Herbst, Renate Kilian,M. Grace Burke, Jonathan Duff, Fabio Scenini, Yuchen Gu,Alice Dinu,Ulla Ehrnstén, Aki Toivonen, Radek Novotny, Oliver Martin, Francisco-Javier Perosanz, Andraž Legat & Bojan Zajec
Advances in Applied Ceramics A review on the manufacturing techniques of porous hydrophobic ceramic membranes applied to direct contact membrane distillation Roberta Karoline Morais Ferreira, Heloisa Ramlow, Cintia Marangoni & Ricardo Antonio Francisco Machado
Applied Earth Science Niobium mineralization of sedimentary carbonates, Lewisian Complex, UK John Parnell, Ryan Michie, Eleanor Heptinstall & John S. Still
Applied Earth Science Knowledge-driven mineral prospectivity modelling in areas with glacial overburden: porphyry Cu exploration in Quesnellia, British Columbia, Canada Rebecca M. Montsion Icon, Benoit M. Saumur, Pedro Acosta-Gongora, Michael G. Gadd, Peter Tschirhart & Victoria Tschirhart
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Visit the hub

The Women in STEM hub offers a valuable resource and insight to Women in the STEM field. With ever added to free content to download and short articles addressing key topics, our aim is to inspire women to see themselves regardless of gender or any other demographic in the STEM field.

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Ready to submit?

Are you looking to submit for STEM? We always welcome submissions. Find the best home for your research. Publishing your research is an important step in your academic career. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, this guide is designed to take you through the typical steps for publishing here.

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