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Deadline: 31 August 2019

Special Issue

Regulating Mothering and Reproduction

Women & Criminal Justice, the only periodical devoted to scholarly interdisciplinary, global research on all concerns related to women and criminal justice, is now accepting manuscripts for a special issue: Regulating Mothering and Reproduction.  This special issue will be published in 2020.

This special issue of Women and Criminal Justice is dedicated to analyzing the legal and extra-legal policies and practices that regulate mothers, prospective mothers, and pregnant women, and the effects of those regulations on women’s lived experiences. For instance, a surveillance culture that dictates good and bad mothering linked to enforcement mechanisms may criminalize the identities, actions, and decisions of mothers and pregnant individuals. Contextualizing these policies and practices within existing systems of oppression is key to identifying strategies of change.

Paper topics may include but are not limited to contemporary empirical or theoretical research on:

  • State and/or institutional policies and/or interventions into mothers, prospective mothers, or pregnant women’s lives, including the lives of those who are already under state control;
  • How intersectionality affects strategies of control over mothering and/or reproduction, especially across nation-state, culture, class, sexuality, bodies, including trans bodies, and ethnicities;
  • The role of media and culture in producing and supporting regulatory processes for mothering and reproduction;
  • Effects of regulation on the diverse lived experiences of mothers, prospective mothers and pregnant individuals;
  • Strategies to resist regulation and its effects, especially within marginalized communities.

Submission Guidelines

Please send an email to Special Editor, Dr. Michelle Hughes Miller, to indicate your interest along with: Title, author information and contact information, and a brief summary of your proposed paper.

Completed papers can be submitted directly to the WCJ portal with a letter indicating interest in the special issue. Feel free to review our Instructions for Authors page as well.

Special Editor:

Dr. Michelle Hughes Miller, Associate Professor

Women’s and Gender Studies, University of South Florida


Frances P. Bernat, PhD

Texas A&M, International University

Women & Criminal Justice

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