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      At Routledge, Taylor & Francis, we champion choice for researchers and offer a range of options for publishing open access (OA). Alongside our fully OA journals, you can also choose to make your research available OA through our open select journals (often referred to as “hybrid open access”).

      • Open access (OA):
        OA articles achieve 95% more citations and more than 7 times the downloads of non-OA articles. You can publish OA in all of the psychology journals featured on this page.

      • Open select:
        Open select allows you to publish your article OA in a journal which also publishes papers only available to subscribers. So, you can continue to publish in your favorite journals but do so on an OA basis.

      Our partnerships with institutions and funders mean you could publish OA for free! Find out if you could benefit from our open access agreements here.

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