Robin M. Boylorn

Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies

As editor, I am committed to publishing high quality research that engages the persistence of contemporary issues in provocative ways. My vision for Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies is informed by the cultural, political and contemporary context in which we currently live, situated in the past and in anticipation of the future. Critical and cultural studies help us understand the specific through the context of the comprehensive. This research includes scholarship about identity politics and representation, marginalization and oppression, media and popular culture, space and place, but more specifically general reflections on power—who has it, who doesn’t, and why. How can critical/cultural studies be used to resist oppression? How can culture be used to deconstruct power? I am particularly interested in academic research that engages these questions through a historical lens of citation, an engagement of politically and socially relevant topics and present-day contexts (e.g., the pandemic, global and national politics, voter suppression, critical race theory, activism, postcolonialism, social justice) and with an intention of advancing social justice outcomes.

I welcome well-written, well-researched manuscripts that use critical inquiry to examine, broaden and challenge our understanding of communication and culture.

My editorship will encompass the 20th volume of CC/CS in 2023, and the 20th year of publication in 2024. I am, therefore, also open to articles that engage the significance of the last 20 and next 20 years of critical/cultural studies.

Please visit the website for the aims and scope of the journal and preparation guidelines.

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