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Veterinary Quarterly

Special Issue

Veterinary Quarterly publishes original research and review articles in the field of animal diseases, including the pathophysiology of specific diseases. Predominantly veterinary relevant animal species are covered.

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Deadlines for submissions

Manuscript submission
April 30, 2020

Author notification
July 30, 2020

Final version due
September 30, 2020


Review Special Issue on Advances in Safeguarding Health and Enhancing Production in Animals, Wildlife and Poultry

Veterinary Quarterly, Special Issue

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This special issue seeks to bring forward and highlight advances in safeguarding health and enhancing production in animals, wildlife and poultry

This special issue will provide a platform to share comprehensive information on advances, recent trends and modern perspectives in developing effective diagnostics, immunomodulatory agents, nutritional approaches, prophylactics, vaccines and therapeutics to counter important infectious and non-infectious diseases of animals, wildlife and poultry. Various interventions and their consequences like globalization, climate changes, population explosion, changing lifestyle, public health insufficiencies, etc. have flared up several infectious diseases specially having zoonotic concerns. Of these, several emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases have created a challenge to animal and human health due to increase in their incidences and devastating consequences such as Bird flu, Ebola, Viral encephalitis (Japanese encephalitis, JE) etc. apart from other already haunting the mankind like tuberculosis, brucellosis, glanders, rabies, anthrax, and others. Various advances in science and technology are paving ways for designing and developing confirmatory and reliable diagnostics, disease surveillance and monitoring strategies. Several immunomodulatory agents are gaining high importance for use as effective prophylactic as well as therapeutic candidates. Advances in designing vaccines, immunoadjuvants and vaccine delivery systems are paving ways to counter emerging and re-emerging pathogens in an effective manner. The side effects of allopathic drugs and medicines, increasing antimicrobial resistance to antibiotics, food safety concerns, flaring up of emerging and re-emerging infectious pathogens have warranted developing and strengthening of novel, emerging and alternative / complementary upcoming therapeutics, and exploiting their optimum beneficial health applications for safeguarding health of animals and poultry.

Due focus need to be given for exploring the tremendous potential of advanced diagnostics, prophylactics and therapeutics by enhancing research and development, clinical trials and validation in such areas. The present special issue compilation will be very much useful for veterinary professionals, clinicians, researchers, students/scholars, public health experts, animal and poultry farmers, and pharmaceutical industry to provide an update on designing and developing rapid and confirmatory diagnostics, effective and safer prophylactics, vaccines and therapeutics, drugs/medicines, immunomodulators, and neutraceuticals. This will help to promote usefulness of such advances from laboratory to the veterinary clinics and the end users for countering important infectious and non-infectious diseases to safeguard health of animals, wildlife species and poultry in a better way.

This special issue will accept submissions of only review papers on its theme as well as comprehensive review articles especially on important pathogens, zoonotic and public health concerns, and non-infectious diseases of animals, poultry and wildlife species.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following


    • Advances in diagnosis and surveillance including of molecular tools and techniques (PCR and allied diagnostics), sequencing, phylogenetic analysis, LAMP, biomarkers, lateral flow assay, recombinant proteinbased diagnostics, biosensors, biochips, microarrays, nano-diagnostics, GIS and networking programmes.

    • Immunomodulatory strategies by employing cytokine agonists, probiotics, toll-like receptors, nanomedicines, herbs, growth promoters, nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals and probiotics.

    • Advances in developing live and killed vaccines; effective, safer and advanced vaccines including DNA vaccines, plant based edible vaccines, reverse genetics vaccines, virus like particles (VLP), in ovo vaccines and immunomics.

    • Advances in immunoadjuvants like Toll-like receptors, cytokines; and novel vaccine delivery systems such as vectored vaccines and nanoparticle based delivery methods.

    • Upcoming therapeutics such as phages, avian egg antibodies, immunotherapy, cytokines, toll-like receptors, si-RNA, monoclonal antibodies, stems cells therapy, gene therapy, nanomedicines, probiotics, herbs and plant metabolites.

Submissions process

All papers are subject to peer review by at least two independent reviewers. The most important criterion for acceptance/rejection is originality of the material presented in the manuscript. Reviewers are recruited among the internationally recognized experts relevant for the given area.
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Guest Editors


Dr Kuldeep Dhama
Principal Scientist, Division of Pathology
ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI)
Izatnagar-243 122, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India

Dr JH (Han) van der Kolk
Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine
Swiss Institute for Equine Medicine (ISME), Vetsuisse Faculty
University of Bernand Agroscope, Länggassstrasse 124, 3012
Bern, Switzerland