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Urban October Collection

Recognizing World Habitat Day & World Cities Day with research from our Sustainable Cities & Regions Portfolio

Urban October was created in 2014 by UN-Habitat with a mission of promoting sustainable urbanization. Taylor & Francis supports the work of UN-Habitat and we are dedicated to providing access to research that will help advance the discovery, innovations, and progress for more sustainable cities and regions worldwide.

 To make this critical research more accessible, we organized a collection of free-access journal articles and a featured book chapter from our Sustainable Cities & Regions portfolio. We also included a suggested reading list of books on the topic.

 World Habitat Day (October 4) kicks off Urban October with this year’s theme of “Accelerating urban action for a carbon-free world.” The article “Will the real smart city please stand up?” dives into the concept of a “smart city,” and our featured book chapter “Enhancing Sustainable Urbanisation” discusses green infrastructure, the idea of improving health and reducing the ecological footprint while facing the challenges of Climate Change.

 The month wraps up with World Cities Day (October 31) and focuses on “Adapting Cities for Climate Resilience,” sharing the challenges cities across the globe face with rising sea levels, floods, droughts, and other extreme weather conditions. Articles including “Mandated Planning for Climate Change,” “Flood Risk and the U.S. Housing Market,” and “Of Resilient Places: Planning for Urban Resilience” address these concerns and open the conversation of how we can create more sustainable cities & regions.

 We hope you will find the above-mentioned articles and the full collection, below, useful and informative. Please feel free to read and share through December 31, 2021. 

Journal Title Author(s) Year Published
Ecosystem Health and Sustainability Has “Grain for Green” threaten food security on the Loess Plateau of China? Peng Shi, Zhaohong Feng, Haidong Gao et al. 2020
Regional Studies The sustainable well-being of urban and rural areas Anne Le Roy & Fiona Ottaviani 2021
Journal of Urbanism: International Research on Placemaking and Urban Sustainability Exploring sustainable urbanism in masterplanned developments: a collective case study of slippage between principles, policies, and practices Susan Parham & Alasdair Jones 2020
City Will the real smart city please stand up? Robert G. Hollands 2008
European Planning Studies Of resilient places: planning for urban resilience Abid Mehmood 2015
Journal of Housing Research Flood Risk and the U.S. Housing Market Carolyn Kousky, Howard Kunreuther, Michael LaCour-Little & Susan Wachter 2020
Journal of Sustainable Real Estate How Business Interest Groups Matter: Rare Event Modeling of Green Building Policy in Cities J. C. Martel 2021
Journal of the American Planning Association Mandated Planning for Climate Change William Butler, Tisha Holmes & Zechariah Lange 2021
International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development: Vol 13, No 1 (tandfonline.com) Why do extreme events still kill in the São Paulo Macro Metropolis Region? Chronicle of a death foretold in the global south Luciana Travassos, Pedro Henrique Campello Torres, Gabriela Di Giulio et al. 2020
Local Environment Making sustainability plans more equitable: an analysis of 50 U.S. Cities David J. Hess & Rachel G. McKane 2021
Planning Theory & Practice Place and Place-Making in Cities: A Global Perspective John Friedmann 2010
Cities & Health The impact of COVID-19 on public space: an early review of the emerging questions – design, perceptions and inequities Jordi Honey-Rosés, Isabelle Anguelovski, Vincent K. Chireh et al. 2020
Journal of Urban Affairs The spatialized political ecology of the city: Situated peripheries and the capitalocenic limits of urban affairs Roger Keil 2020
Ecosystem Health and Sustainability Climate technology transfer in BRI era: needs, priorities, and barriers from receivers’ perspective Minpeng Chen, Lei Zhang, Fei Teng et al. 2020
Urban Geography Activating urban environments as social infrastructure through civic stewardship Lindsay K. Campbell, Erika Svendsen, Michelle Johnson & Laura Landau 2021
Urban Research & Practice Unused, underused, and misused: an examination of theories on urban void spaces Soe Won Hwang & Seog Jeong Lee 2019
International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development Planning and financing urban development in the context of the climate crisis Sarah Colenbrander & Aliyu Barau 2019
Regional Studies The new normative: synergistic scenario planning for carbon-neutral cities and regions Joe Ravetz, Aleksi Neuvonen & Raine Mäntysalo 2020
Journal of Environmental Planning and Management Participatory multi-objective optimization for planning dense and green cities Sergio Wicki, Jonas Schwaab, Jan Perhac & Adrienne Grêt-Regamey 2021
Journal of Race, Ethnicity and the City Greensplaining environmental justice: A narrative of race, ethnicity, and justice in urban greenspace development Mariela Fernandez, Brandon Harris & Jeff Rose 2021

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