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Future Topics

in Structural Engineering International (SEI)

*SEI 2021 and 2022 issues are based on following special topics, as well as general submissions based on recent structures and research without any call for abstract shall also be published upon acceptance.

Volume 32

SEI February 2022:

Dynamics and Aerodynamics of Slender Structures

Abstract submission by: October 30th, 2020

Full paper submission: December 30, 2020

Review submission: March 30, 2021

Revised paper submission: May 30, 2021

RE-review submission and revisions: August 30, 2021

Final decision: October 30, 2021

Production starts: November 5, 2021

SEI August 2022:

Recent Structures and Research Worldwide

Full paper submission: May 31st 2021

Review submission: July 5th 2021

Revised paper submission: August 30th 2021

RE-review submission:  September 15th 2021

Final decision: October 30th 2021

SEI May 2022:

Recent Structures and Research in China

Full paper submission: April 30th 2021

Review submission: June 15th 2021

Revised paper submission: July 31st 2021

RE-review submission: August 30th 2021

Final decision: September 30th 2021



SEI November 2022:

Climate Change Effects on Structures and Infrastructures

Abstract submissions: July 15th 2021

Full paper submission: September 30th 2021

Review – Revision – Review – Acceptance of papers by April 30, 2022

Production – Print: May – July, 2022

Volume 31

SEI August 2021:

Recent Structures and Research Worldwide

Full paper submission: May 31st 2020

Review submission: July 5th 2020

Revised paper submission: August 30th 2020

RE-review submission:  September 15th 2020

Final decision: October 30th 2020

SEI November 2021:

Bridge Conceptual and Aesthetic Design

Abstract submissions: June 15th 2020

Full paper submission: July 31st 2020

Review submission: August 30th 2020

Revised paper submission:  September 15th 2020

RE-review submission: October 30th 2020

Final decision: November 30th 2020

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