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Are you a researcher in Norway? You could be eligible to publish open access at no cost to yourself!

Discover if your institution is covered


Corresponding authors that are based at the participating institutions in Norway are now eligible publish their research open access in Taylor & Francis and Routledge Open Select (hybrid) journals at no cost to the author.


For more information on the UNIT agreement, visit our Author Services.

Why should you publish open access?


Increased visibility and discoverability: On average, we have eight times more readers for open access articles than for traditionally published articles. Higher readership could result in more citations for your paper.

Impact beyond academia: Your article will be made freely and permanently available online to all. Your research could inform and develop public policy and teaching practices, be read by the public, or even be picked up by the media!

The 'read and publish' agreement between Taylor & Francis and UNIT offers an opportunity to publish open access in a wide range of journals. Use our open access journal finder to explore the full list of Open Select titles.

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