20th Anniversary Collection

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In celebration of the 20-year anniversary of the Journal of College and Character, the editors have assembled this special collection of articles focusing on topics pertaining to the moral and civic education of college students. These articles—authored by a diversity of scholars and practitioners—were chosen from issues published over the past 20 years. The articles provide historical perspectives on character development issues in higher education over the past two decades as well as a sample of some of the best and most popular JCC articles on the topic of character development. This special collection is a supplement to the 20-year anniversary issue, which will be published in February 2020.

We hope that this collection will be a valuable resource for NASPA members and colleagues who are engaged in efforts to promote the character development of today’s college students.

Jon C. Dalton, Co-Editor
Pamela C. Crosby, Co-Editor

These articles will be available to read with free access via this page only until 31 March 2020.

Article Title Author(s) Volume Issue Year
Religion and Its Intersections: Spirituality, Secularism and Religion Among Black Diaspora Communities in Higher Education Keon McGuire 20 2 2019
“I Had Let Everyone, Including Myself, Down”: Illuminating the Self-Forgiveness Process Among Female College Students Fiorella L. Carlos Chavez, Sarah N. Wolford, Jonathan G. Kimmes, Ross W. May & Frank D. Fincham 20 2 2019
Encouraging the Spirit: The Role of Student-Faculty Interactions in College Students’ Meaning-Making and Spiritual Quest Tiffani Riggers-Piehl & Linda J. Sax 19 2 2018
The New Student Activism: Supporting Students as Agents of Social Change Barbara Jacoby 18 1 2017
Take a Selfie of Life: A Qualitative Exploration of College Students: Self-reflection on Free Time Use and Personal Value Hsin-Yu Chen, Careen Yarnal, John T. P. Hustad & Damon Sims 17 2 2016
Situating Race in College Students: Search for Purpose and Meaning. Who am I? Sherry K. Watt 16 5 2015
Achieving Equity in Higher Education: The Unfinished Agenda Alexander W. Astin & Helen S. Astin 16 2 2015
Part of the “Establishment”? Fostering Positive Campus Climates for Student Activists Christopher Broadhurst & Georgianna L. Martin 15 2 2014
The Role of Student Affairs in Promoting Religious and Secular Pluralism and Interfaith Cooperation Michael M. Kocet & Dafina Lazarus Stewart 12 1 2011
The Principles of Strengths-Based Education Shane J. Lopez & Michelle C. Louis 10 4 2009
Facing One Another in This Place: Using Moral Conversation to Talk About Controversial Topics in College Settings Robert J. Nash 9 4 2008
Engaging Religious Diversity on Campus: The Role of Interfaith Leadership Eboo Patel & Cassie Meyer 10 7 2009
Doorways to Spirituality for Students: A Chaplain’s View Scotty McLennan 6 8 2005
Spirituality and the Vitality of Academic Life John Bennet 4 9 2003
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