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Tuberculosis (TB)

Guest Editor: Wenhong Zhang (Huashan Hospital, China)

The EMI Special Topic on TB incorporates research reports and high quality reviews on the following areas of TB research: epidemiology, fundamental research, development of new diagnostics and biomarkers, development of new drugs and vaccines, and public health issues related to this important pathogen.

Emerging Microbes & Infections

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Title Author Article Type
Genomic evidence supporting the clonal expansion of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis bacteria belonging to a rare proto-Beijing genotype P. Srilohasin, T. Prammananan, K. Faksri et al Original Article
Molecular mechanisms of underlying genetic factors and associated mutations for drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis S. S. Swain, D. Sharma, T. Hussain & S. Pati Review
Metagenomic analysis of the lung microbiome in pulmonary tuberculosis - a pilot study Y. Hu, M. Cheng, B. Liu et al Original Article
Emergence of multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis of the Beijing lineage in Portugal and Guinea-Bissau: a snapshot of moving clones by whole-genome sequencing J. Perdigão, C. Silva, F. Maltez et al Original Article
Active and prospective latent tuberculosis are associated with different metabolomic profiles: clinical potential for the identification of rapid and non-invasive biomarkers A. Albors-Vaquer, A. Rizvi, M. Matzapetakis et al Original Article
Identification of pyrvinium pamoate as an anti-tuberculosis agent in vitro and in vivo by SOSA approach amongst known drugs Q. Guan, L. Zhan, Z. H. Liu et al Original Article
ATP-binding cassette (ABC) import systems of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: target for drug and vaccine development D. K. Soni, S. K. Dubey & R. Bhatnagar Review
Structural characterization of glycinamide-RNase-transformylase T from Mycobacterium tuberculosis C. Chen, Z. Liu, L. Liu et al Original Article



Title Author Article Type
Associating H2O2- and NO-related changes in the proteome of Mycobacterium smegmatis with enhanced survival in macrophage N. Ganief, J. Sjouerman, C. Albeldas et al Original Article
Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) strain infection in macaques results in high bacilli burdens in airways, driving broad innate/adaptive immune responses E. Yang, R. Yang, M. Guo et al Original Article
The impact of combined gene mutations in inhA and ahpC genes on high levels of isoniazid resistance amongst katG non-315 in multidrug-resistant tuberculosis isolates from China L. Liu, F. Jiang, L. Chen et al Original Article
Rv2346c enhances mycobacterial survival within macrophages by inhibiting TNF-α and IL-6 production via the p38/miRNA/NF-κB pathway J. Yao, X. Du, S. Chen et al Original Article
Evaluation of the VITEK MS knowledge base version 3.0 for the identification of clinically relevant Mycobacterium species L. Luo, W. Cao, W. Chen et al Original Article
Landscape of the genome and host cell response of Mycobacterium shigaense reveals pathogenic features H. Jiang, J. Sun, Y. Chen et al Original Article
Diagnostic accuracy evaluation of the conventional and molecular tests for Spinal Tuberculosis in a cohort, head-to-head study G. Wang, W. Dong, T. Lan et al Original Article
Acetylation of lysine 182 inhibits the ability of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DosR to bind DNA and regulate gene expression during hypoxia J. Bi, Z. Gou, F. Zhou et al Original Article
Risk factors for extrapulmonary dissemination of tuberculosis and associated mortality during treatment for extrapulmonary tuberculosis X. Qian, D. T. Nguyen, J. Lyu et al Original Article
Have compensatory mutations facilitated the current epidemic of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis? Q. Liu, T. Zuo, P. Xu et al Original Article
Detection of circulating Mycobacterium tuberculosis-specific DNA by droplet digital PCR for vaccine evaluation in challenged monkeys and TB diagnosis N. Song, Y. Tan, L. Zhang et al Original Article
Identification of potential urine proteins and microRNA biomarkers for the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis patients J. Wang, X. Zhu, X. Xiong et al Original Article
Lysine acetylation of DosR regulates the hypoxia response of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H. Yang, W. Sha, Z. Liu et al Original Article
Clinical study of tuberculosis in the head and neck region-11 years' experience and a review of the literature P. Pang, W. Duan, S. Liu et al Original Article


Title Author Article Type
Tuberculosis/cryptococcosis co-infection in China between 1965 and 2016 W. Fang, L. Zhang, J. Liu et al Review
Identification and evaluation of the novel immunodominant antigen Rv2351c from Mycobacterium tuberculosis X. Wang, S. Chen, Y. Xu et al Original Article
Antigens Rv0310c and Rv1255c are promising novel biomarkers for the diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection L. Luo, L. Zhu, J. Yue et al Original Article
A quantitative and efficient approach to select MIRU-VNTR loci based on accumulation of the percentage differences of strains for discriminating divergent Mycobacterium tuberculosis sublineages X. L. Pan, C. L. Zhang, C. Nakajima et al Original Article
Improvement in clinical outcome and infection control using molecular diagnostic techniques for early detection of MDR tuberculous spondylitis: a multicenter retrospective study W. Wu, J. Lyu, P. Cheng et al Original Article
Molecular analysis of pyrazinamide resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Vietnam highlights the high rate of pyrazinamide resistance-associated mutations in clinical isolates N. Q. Huy, C. Lucie, T. T. T. Hoa et al. Original Article
A two-step algorithm for rapid diagnosis of active pulmonary tuberculosis in entry applicants using the T-SPOT.TB and Xpert MTB/RIF assays in Shanghai, China C. Meng, Y. Shen, J. Wang et al Letter
Identification of drug candidates that enhance pyrazinamide activity from a clinical compound library H. Niu, C. Ma, P. Cui et al Letter
Varying effects of common tuberculosis drugs on enhancing clofazimine activity in vitro S. Zhang, W. Shi, J. Feng et al Letter
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing genotype family strain isolated from naturally infected plateau zokor (Myospalax baileyi) in China L. Sun, X. Chen, W. Zhang et al Letter
Mutation in clpC1 encoding an ATP-dependent ATPase involved in protein degradation is associated with pyrazinamide resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis S. Zhang, J. Chen, W. Shi et al Letter