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Traffic Injury Prevention
Publishes research on traffic safety, crash causation and injury prevention/treatment, including driver and road, economic and substance related aspects.
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International Journal of Sustainable Transportation
Focuses on interactions of transportation systems with urban subsystems and publishes interdisciplinary research on global or local sustainable transportation.
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Journal of Transportation Safety & Security
Publishes research on safety, security, infrastructure systems and integrated networks for highway, pedestrian, bicycle, water and aviation transportation.
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Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems
Publishes research for improved planning and operation of intelligent transportation systems and examines their impact on aspects like pollution and safety.
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Transportmetrica A: Transport Science
An international journal that publishes research on transport science including research methodology and empirical analysis of moving people and goods.
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Transportation Letters
Publishes analytical, empirical and theoretical research on traffic engineering, modeling and simulation, travel behavior, and freight and logistics.
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Trending Articles for You:

This study examines contribution of substance use (including alcohol, cannabinoids, stimulants, narcotics, depressants, and hallucinogens) on the probability of drivers being at-fault for a crash on U.S. public roads, with specific emphasis on older adult drivers.

Passenger cars contribute considerably to total emissions of greenhouse gasses. In this article, we develop scenarios for the Swedish passenger car fleet in 2030, achieving a 70% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as compared to 2010. The number of shared and electric cars, how they are combined, and levels of biofuel use differ between the scenarios. Transport volumes, car access, battery use, indirect emissions, and fleet development are evaluated and compared.

The safety of increasingly automated vehicles is of great concern to regulators, yet crash rates are generally reported by manufacturers using proprietary metrics with limited source data. Without consistent definitions of crashes and exposure, automated vehicle crash rates cannot be meaningfully compared with baseline datasets. The objective of this study was to establish methods to normalize automated vehicle crash rates using one manufacturer’s crash reports as a case study.

Transportation mode detection (TMD) is an important computational technique that aids human life at the social and individual levels. However, previous studies on TMD were focused on people without mobility disabilities, and research involving people with mobility disability is limited. Therefore, this study aimed to provide a TMD framework for people with mobility disability. We propose a method for data acquisition, and acquired data pertaining to 120 participants including manual and electric wheelchairs for 15,350 min.

Urban rail transit (URT) systems operate in heterogenous environments where their performance is affected by many exogenous factors. However, conventional benchmarking methods assume homogeneity of many of these factors which could result in misleading comparisons of performance. This study provides a methodological contribution to the transit benchmarking literature through a systemic data-driven method which accommodates heterogeneity among URT.

Crowd motion simulation requires specification of a range of parameters, each reflecting certain aspects of agent behavior. But what parameters matter the most? Are they all equally important? The question is important given that available data and resources for parameter calibration are limited, and priorities often need to be made. Here, for the first time, a full-spectrum sensitivity analysis of crowd model parameters is reported.

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