RNCR: Emerging Market Multinationals (eMNCs)

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Emerging Market Multinationals (eMNCs)

By Transnational Corporations Review

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Emerging markets firms have ventured abroad since the 1960s, but it is only after the turn of the century that this global expansion increased significantly. In response, an important body of literature on this new breed of multinational firms, the so-called emerging market multinationals (or eMNCs), has grown over the past two decades to study this phenomenon. Such literature has focussed in particular on understanding the internationalisation process of these firms and on assessing the applicability of prevailing theoretical frameworks – such as those based on firm-specific-advantages, country-specific-advantages, drivers and pace of internationalisation – to eMNCs.

And yet, this field is still in its infancy and invites further study, for instance on issues such as financial performance, branding, corporate governance and social responsibility of eMNCs. In this spirit, we hope that this listed articles of TNCR will contribute to further stimulate research in this area. This list comprises not only concrete case analyses but also theoretical reflections on MNC-driven catch-up growth. All papers  went through a rigorous review process from experts in the field and we expect that it will be useful to practitioners, policy-makers, academics and researchers alike.

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