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International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology

Classroom Notes

The classroom notes are ‘a truly distinctive feature of IJMEST… provid(ing) a space for short articles highlighting a single, unusual and interesting result, an alternative method, or a creative approach to teaching a particular mathematical idea. These  articles are intended to provoke ideas that will support our teaching of mathematics at school or university level, and I would like to encourage authors to continue to submit these to the journal.’‘Colin Foster, Editor-in-Chief of IJMEST (Editorial 50.1)’ 


Article Title Author(s) Volume Issue
An infinite series involving inverse tan P. Glaister 50 1
Critical perspectives of the ‘new’ difference equation solution method of Rivera-Figueroa and Rivera-Rebolledo Christopher C. Tisdell 50 1 (Free Access)
An unexpected property of quadrilaterals* A. Wares 50 2
A resource for introducing students to the integral concept Richard A. Hoban 50 4 (Free Access)
Construction of sundials via vectors B. Tomas Johansson 50 4
Pedogogical perspectives on the method of Wilmer III and Costa for solving second-order differential equations Christopher C. Tisdell 50 4
Paper folding and trigonometric ratios Arsalan Wares 50 4 (Free Access)
An alternative measure of positive correlation Saralees Nadarajah, Jeffrey Chu & Stephen Chan 50 4 (Free Access)
App-based scaffolds for writing two-column proofs Debbie Marie B. Verzosa, Ma. Louise Antonette N. De Las Peñas, Maria Alva Q. Aberin & Len Patrick Dominic M. Garces 50 5
Computational thinking and constructionism: creating difference equations in spreadsheets Aharon Gero & Ilya Levin 50 5 (Free Access)
On Picard's iteration method to solve differential equations and a pedagogical space for otherness Christopher C. Tisdell 50 5
Constructive struggle in geometry classrooms Arsalan Wares & Iwan Elstak 50 5
Review of a predator-prey model with two limit cycles Q. van der Hoff & A. Harding 50 6
Dynamic visualization of line integrals of vector fields: a didactic proposal J. C. Ponce Campuzano, A. P. Roberts, K. E. Matthews, M. J. Wegener, E. P. Kenny & T. J. McIntyre 50 6 (Free Access)
An accessible, justifiable and transferable pedagogical approach for the differential equations of simple harmonic motion Christopher C. Tisdell 50 6
A generalization of the remainder theorem and factor theorem F. Laudano 50 6
The missing link in teachers’ knowledge about common fractions division Anat Klemer, Shirley Rapoport & Hanna Lev-Zamir 50 8
A brief introduction to nomography: graphical representation of mathematical relationships Leslie Glasser & Ron Doerfler 50 8

International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology

The International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology provides a medium by which a wide range of experience in mathematical education can be presented, assimilated and eventually adapted to everyday needs in schools, colleges, polytechnics, universities, industry and commerce

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