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The International Journal of the History of Sport

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The International Journal of the History of Sport values the time, effort and scholarship inherent in the publication of books dealing with the history of sport. We also consider the reviewing of books a worthwhile intellectual and collegial activity and encourage scholars from around the world to both submit their publications for review and to review the work of their peers.

Please note that unsolicited reviews are not accepted and potential reviewers are asked to follow the relevant instructions at the links below.

For Reviewers:

Download the complete list of books that are currently available for review (updated every month).

Contact the Reviews Editor to nominate the book you wish to review.  If your offer to review a book is accepted, a copy of the book will be sent you.

Read the instructions and style guide for reviews. Submit your review directly to the Reviews Editor as a Word document. All reviews are subject to editing for length and clarity.

For Publishers/Authors:

Follow the instructions on how and where to submit books for review.