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Call for Papers

A special section on “The Football Industry in Asia” within the Asia Pacific Sport and Social Science Special Issue of Sport in Society

With the expansion of the football industry in Asia, its social, cultural, economic and political significance in the continent is also on the rise. The AFC Asian Cup has begun to attract both media and public attention internationally, and the professional leagues in the Asia Pacific region, including Australia and New Zealand, has begun to play an important role in the global football industry. There is also active migration of international football players from and to Asian football clubs, and a number of Asian footballers are now performing in the major football leagues in Europe. The development of women’s football in Asia, especially in China, Japan and North Korea is also noteworthy. Despite this increasing importance of football in Asia, however, relatively little research has been undertaken to examine many of the socio-political and cultural issues associated with this growing sector.

At this juncture, the Asia Pacific Sport and Social Science (APSS) special issue of Sport in Society (SiS) intends to publish academic papers on the contemporary social issues related to the Asian football industry. Both single country case studies and international comparative research are welcome.

APSS of SiS is an annual special issue the aim of which is to promote sport studies in the Asia Pacific region and to facilitate scholarly communications between researchers whose academic interests lie in sport in Asia. 

Professor Tien-Chin TAN and Dr Jung Woo Lee invite papers with a broad focus on the social scientific investigation into the football industry in Asia including, but not limited to, football development and policy, the politics of football in Asia, football and social identities in Asia, migrations of Asian footballers, Asian Professional leagues, and the Asian Cup.

Potential topics examining the unique aspects of the football industry in Asia include: 

  • The development of football in an Asia Pacific county
  • Professionalisation and commercialisation of football in an Asia Pacific country
  • Football and East Asian geopolitics and diplomacy
  • The Asian Football Association’s organisation and policies
  •  Social, political and economic implications of the AFC Asian Cup
  • The role and position of Asian football in the global football industry  
  • Media representations of Asian football
  • Asian football celebrities
  • Asian football fandom
  • Football and gender identities in Asia
  • Football and national identities in Asia
  • Migration of Asian football players

Guest Editors

Feel free to email either of the Editors with any questions about this Special Issue.

Tien-Chin TAN (National Taiwan Normal University), tantony60@gmail.com

Jung Woo Lee (University of Edinburgh), J.W.Lee@ed.ac.uk 

Submission guidelines

Manuscripts for the special section should be submitted before January 31st, 2020 to facilitate full consideration.

Submissions can be made through our online submissions system: https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/fcss 

In the submission process, authors should highlight in their cover letter that the submission is for the “Asia Pacific Sport and Social Science” special issue of Sport in Society and choose “Special Issue Paper” as the “Manuscript Type.”

All manuscripts will be subject to peer review under the supervision of the Special Issue Editors.  

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