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Foresight Papers

International Journal of Geographical Information Science

IJGIS invites foresight papers to bring new perspectives and stimulations to GIScience research. Foresight papers might be disruptive to current research, ask questions that the conventional wisdom thinks unquestionable (e.g., violate the fundamental assumptions or principles), caution research pitfalls, revoke shortsighted stale research approaches, or suggest possible diverging lines of thinking. 

Foresight papers may address the following in a reflective or thought-provoking way:

  1. The context: what is the current state of related research innovations or novel ideas in all related fields to GIScience, especially those fields that GIScience community has not fully recognize the potential;
  2. The hook: what are new connections to GIScience and new intellectual challenges; and
  3. The opportunities: low hanging fruits and new research directions.

Foresight papers will receive expedited peer-review processes to assure timely publications.

Submit your manuscript here

Article Title Author Volume Issue Year
Common mistakes in ecological niche models Neftalí Sillero & A. Márcia Barbosa 2020
Emerging trends and research frontiers in spatial multicriteria analysis Jacek Malczewski & Piotr Jankowski 34 7 2020
Fourth paradigm GIScience? Prospects for automated discovery and explanation from datae Mark Gahegan 34 1 2020
Towards an integrated science of movement: converging research on animal movement ecology and human mobility science Jennifer Miller & Gil Bohrer Harvey J. Miller, Somayeh Dodge, 33 5 2019
GIScience for a driverless age Michael F. Goodchild 32 5 2018

International Journal of Geographical Information Science

International Journal of Geographical Information Science provides a forum for the exchange of original ideas, approaches, methods and experiences in the rapidly growing field of geographical information science (GIScience). It is intended to interest those who research fundamental and computational issues of geographic information, as well as issues related to the design, implementation and use of geographical information for monitoring, prediction and decision making. Published research covers innovations in GIScience and novel applications of GIScience in natural resources, social systems and the built environment, as well as relevant developments in computer science, cartography, surveying, geography and engineering in both developed and developing countries.

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