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Call for new Editorial Board Members.

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Reviews Journal


Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Reviews Journal 

Biotechnology covers a wide range of techniques and approaches focused on manipulating biological processes to develop agricultural, industrial or medically useful products. As more is understood about what can be achieved through biotechnology and allied disciplines, the more the question of societal regulation of such technologies becomes a public issue. The obvious example is with the regulatory structure for the genetic modification of crops, with a fundamentally different approach adopted in the US compared to the EU. In the US the products of transformation are regulated and in the EU the process itself is regulated. This has, at least partly, resulted in the very different outcomes in these two regions.


The importance of including societal expectations in the debate on how scientific discovery is enacted in practice has never been greater, with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed in Paris in 2015 committing the world to tackling fundamental problems in development and sustainable living by 2030. While many changes will be needed in all walks of life, there is no question that biotechnology will have a major part to play.


Given the challenges facing the world, Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Reviews wishes to make a call for new Editorial Board Members from all disciplines which biotechnology touches, from genomics to socioeconomics.


We aim to develop a group of committed researcher-editors who can provide a balanced disciplinary, geographical and societal view of how biotechnology impacts the world. We would expect Editorial Board Members to source a review centred in their discipline every 1 – 2 years for BGER and also occasionally review manuscripts relevant to their research areas. While the positions are voluntary, we are asking the Editorial Board to work with us to develop a genuine conversation, underpinned by fact and scientific research, on the future role of biotechnology


Review articles which provide a timely synthesis and added value on important subjects within the realms of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering will continue to be encouraged and we recently invited Guest Editors (Dr Guido van Marle and Dr Trushar Patel) to edit an in-depth series of reviews associated with the Alberto Virology Conference. We expect more focused editions in the future.


In addition, we will also begin to introduce the opportunity for comment and debate within the journal, with the aim to put new progress in biotechnology into a broader context – how do we apply basic research is a way which maximises the benefits to the different components of society, while trying to mitigate potential problems?


Researchers interested in joining the Editorial Board should contact the Editor-in-Chief, in the first instance.


Dr Sean Mayes (Editor-in Chief; UK)



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