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Virtual Special Issue: Water Sustainability and Watershed Ecosystem Health

By Ecosystem Health and Sustainability

Guest Editors:

  • Dr. Chansheng He, Western Michigan University
  • Dr. Frank Winde, North West University, South Africa

Climate change and human activities have unprecedentedly altered the hydrological processes and ecosystem services of watersheds all over the world, causing or exacerbating local and regional water crises, threatening ecosystem integrity, and compromising water  sustainability. Understanding the effects of interactions and dynamics of such coupled human and natural systems on eco-hydrological processes at the watershed scale is essential for addressing and adapting to global environmental change.

The special issue on Water Sustainability and Watershed Ecosystem Health contains four articles from diverse geographic regions of Asia, Europe, and North America. The articles address the impacts of climate change, urbanization and water works, human settlement and expansion, and phosphorous (P) consumption and scarcity on watershed processes and ecosystem health at multiple spatial and temporal scales, respectively.

We hope this special issue serves as “food for thought” to stimulate discussion and debates on   water sustainability and watershed ecosystem health. Particularly, we invite research and submissions on, but not limited to, the following subjects: 

  1. Understanding of the processes, patterns and interactions of coupled human and natural systems over multiple spatial and temporal scales
  2. Quantification of the impacts and feedbacks of such coupled systems on eco-hydrological processes
  3. Valuation of water resources and related ecosystem services
  4. Assessment of water sustainability and ecosystem health
  5. Development and implementation of adaptation, mitigation, and management strategies to achieve water sustainability and ecosystem health over multiple spatial and temporal scales
Title Author
Editorial: Water sustainability and watershed ecosystem health Chansheng He & Frank Winde
Urbanization effects on the river systems in the bucharest city region (romania) Liliana Zaharia, Gabriela Ioana‐toroimac, Octavian Cocoş, Florin Adrian Ghiţă & Emanuel Mailat
Climate change and water‐related ecosystem services: impacts of drought in california, usa Heejun Chang & Matthew Ryan Bonnette
Human settlement and changes in the distribution of river systems in the Minqin Basin over the past 2000 years in Northwest China Yaowen Xie, Qiang Bie & Chansheng He
Phosphorus recovery: a need for an integrated approach Suriyanarayanan Sarvajayakesavalu, Yonglong Lu, Paul. J. A. Withers, Paulo Sergio Pavinato, Gang Pan & Pisit Chareonsudja

Ecosystem Health and Sustainability

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