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Taylor & Francis offers a range of content platforms to connect readers to knowledge. These platforms are built around the needs of our readers, with the aim of facilitating discovery and allowing them to access relevant research and information quickly and easily, wherever they are.

This year we complete 25 years in India, and we believe in celebrating this significant milestone with our valued customers. Therefore, over the past few months, we have been sharing theme- based articles from our subscription-only content, along with thematic open access books and journals. Continuing this tradition, we bring to you a collection for this month’s theme, Materials Science, which entails a captivating exploration of the design and discovery of new materials, the basic science and applied technology, and material specific research. 

You can explore this collection, freely accessible via this page only until 25th September 2023. As we look ahead, we are excited to reveal that our next theme, Ophthalmology, will be featured in October, with content going live on this page from 1st October 2023. 

Expand the sections below to access the content based on the Theme for this month.

Article Author(s) Name Title Publishing Year
An extended theory of vacancy formation and its application to ionic conduction in the intrinsic and extrinsic regions Masahiro Ikeda & Masaru Aniya Philosophical Magazine 2022
Research Status and Application of Magnesium Ion Battery Electrode Materials Fenghao Nie, Xiaoshuang Xi, Et. al International Materials Reviews 2022
Plasma-controlled surface wettability: recent advances and future applications Chuanlong Ma, Anton Nikiforov, Et. al Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport 2022
Numerical calculation of interstitial dumbbell-mediated transport coefficients in dilute crystalline systems with non-truncated correlations Soham Chattopadhyay & Dallas R. Trinkle Philosophical Magazine 2022
Biofilm control on metallic materials in medical fields from the viewpoint of materials science – from the fundamental aspects to evaluation Hideyuki Kanematsu, Dana M. Barry, Et. al International Materials Reviews 2022
Cross-virtuality analysis of rich X-ray computed tomography data for materials science applications A. Gall, B. Fröhler, Et. al Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation 2022
Solidification simulation of single-phase Fe–Co–Cr–Ni–V high entropy alloy Sandeep Jain, Piyush Kumar, Et. al Philosophical Magazine 2022
Backstresses in geologic materials quantified by nanoindentation load-drop experiments Christopher A. Thom, Lars N. Hansen, Et. al Philosophical Magazine 2022
Evolution of recrystallization texture in nickel-iron alloys: experiments and simulations Gyan Shankar, Shuchi Sanandiya, Et. al Philosophical Magazine 2023
Ceramic-based electromagnetic wave absorbing materials and concepts towards lightweight, flexibility and thermal resistance Wei Li, Zhaoju Yu, Et. al International Materials Reviews 2022
Effect of composition on microstructure and properties of as-cast 2196 Al–Cu–Li alloy Kaixuan Chen, Zongxuan Li, Et. al Materials Science and Technology 2022
3D printing of complex-shaped polymer-derived ceramics with enhanced structural retention Jian Liu, Shufeng Xiong, Et. al Materials and Manufacturing Processes 2022
A review of the metastable omega phase in beta titanium alloys: the phase transformation mechanisms and its effect on mechanical properties JoAnn Ballor, Tong Li, Et. al International Materials Reviews 2022
New auxetic materials with stretch-dominant architecture using simple trusses Reza Jafari Nedoushan, Yongsan An, Et. al Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures 2022
Theoretical study of void collapse and hot spot formation mechanism for energetic material Yao Long & Jun Chen Philosophical Magazine 2023
Insights into the stability of retained austenite during wear Suruj Protim Neog, Arijit Lodh, Et. al Philosophical Magazine 2022
Photo-switching behaviour in liquid crystalline materials incorporating a non-planar dithienylcyclopentene core and their birefringence properties Hsiuhui Chen, Haochun Yang, Et. al Liquid Crystals 2022
Crystallization of glass materials into transparent optical ceramics Iva Milisavljevic, Michael J. Pitcher, Et. al International Materials Reviews 2022
Physical metallurgy of medium-Mn advanced high-strength steels Binhan Sun, Alisson Kwiatkowski da Silva, Et. al International Materials Reviews 2023
Recycled wood fiber reinforced chemically functionalized polyethylene (VLDPE) composites by Palsule process Shabnam Pathan, Dinesh, Et. al Journal of Natural Fibers 2022
Electroactive polymeric nanocomposite BC-g-(Fe3O4/GO) materials for bone tissue engineering: in vitro evaluations Muhammad Umar Aslam Khan, Muhammad Rizwan, Et. al Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition 2022
State-of-the-art in the mechanistic modeling of the drying of solids: A review of 40 years of progress and perspectives Patrick Perré, Romain Rémond, Et. al Drying Technology 2023
Modelling of the diffusional austenite-ferrite transformation Matthias Militzer, Christopher Hutchinson, et al International Materials Reviews 2022
Leather-like materials by cellular agriculture Dana Wilson, Olga Tsigkou, Et. al Textile Progress 2023
Mechanical behaviour of thermoelectric materials – a perspective Muath M. Al Malki, G. Jeffrey Snyder, Et. al International Materials Reviews 2023

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