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Advancements of GIS in the New IT Era

Annals of GIS Special Issue Call for Papers

Deadline: 31 December 2019

The past decade has witnessed several revolutionary technologies: a) cloud computing (C2) changing the way how computing is used, b) artificial intelligence (AI) changing all walks of human life, c) Internet of Things (IoT) integrating physical and virtual world, d) mobility with increasing intelligence moving services to human beings or machines with current contexts, e) big data (BD) as characterized by 4Vs even increasing the value and possibility of data. These revolutionary technologies provide unseen opportunities and at the same time are shifting the way how computing is perceived, thus also brought serious challenges to the geographical information science domain. A rethinking of the architecture, theory, methodology, software, tool, and solution in the GIS domain is urgently needed in the wake of transformative changes in technology and in the shift of perception what computing should be. This special issue of Annals of GIS is designed to capture the need for such a rethinking and to provide the directions/activities Geospatial practitioners should focus their efforts on in the next decade.

Topics include, but not limited to, the follows:

  • Developments of these revolutionary technologies in the GIS domain;
  • Applications of these technologies in the GIS domain (e.g. big spatiotemporal data analytics, human dynamics, physical/virtual world linkage analyses, etc.) and in the general domain of geography;
  • Specific GIS challenges we are facing today in lieu of BD, AI, IoT, C2 and mobility;
  • GIS architecture, theory, methodology, software, tool, and solution needed to support addressing these challenges;
  • New research directions;
  • Impacts of these technologies on the restructure of the government, GIS industry, and education.


Annals of GIS

Language: en-UK

Publisher: Taylor and Francis

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Submission guidelines

Interested authors are asked to send the title of proposed paper to one of the guest editors through email by September 30, 2019.

The full paper is expected to be submitted to Annals of GIS via its online submission system at https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/tagi by December 31, 2019. When submitting, use “New IT Era” to signify that the paper is part of this special issue so that it will receive special attention from the guest editors.



Editorial Information

Guest editors:

Professor Changshan Wu, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, cswu@uwm.edu

Professor Weiwei Song, Kunming Institute of Technology, asong@vip.163.com

Professor Chaowei Yang, Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science, George Mason University, cyang3@gmu.edu

Professor A-Xing Zhu, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison, azhu@wisc.edu

Published on 8th July 2019. Last updated on 8th July 2019.