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Materials Science and Technology



Materials Science and Technology is pleased to invite undergraduate led research for publication in the journal. Undergraduate research has been shown to have positive outcomes on retention, conceptual understanding, self-efficacy, and likelihood to pursue research careers, amongst other areas. To promote these efforts, these papers will highlight research projects primarily carried out by undergraduate researchers.

The research should be novel, high quality, original work performed by the undergraduate researcher with support from the research team.

· The first author should be a current or previous undergraduate researcher within a year of graduation; in the latter case, the submitted work should be from recent work conducted when the author was an undergraduate. Documentary evidence should be submitted with the paper to indicate the undergraduate status of the first author.

· We are primarily seeking publications that convey a key result with a concise story in the format of a Short Communication as described in the Materials Science and Technology Instructions for Authors page. These articles will be published with a special designation as an undergraduate led research article. However, we also welcome submissions of any other paper format accepted by Materials Science and Technology (e.g. full papers, communication, review, etc.) if the research team has sufficient results.

· The papers should fall within the Aims and Scope of Materials Science and Technology

· Please refer to the Materials Science and Technology Instructions for Authors for preparing and submitting a manuscript.

Additional Note:

· High quality assessments of undergraduate research programs led by someone other than an undergraduate, e.g. National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates programs, are also welcome using the same format described above.

Submission Instructions:

To submit your Undergraduate Research article please click ‘Go to submission site’ after reading the Instructions to Authors page on the journal website. When submitting, please select ‘Yes’ when you are asked ‘Are you submitting your paper for a specific special issue?’ and ensure you select the ‘Undergraduate Research Article’ option from the drop-down menu.

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