Future Endocrinology & Metabolism

An Open Access Journal

Welcome to Future Endocrinology & Metabolism

Set to launch in Summer 2024, Future Endocrinology & Metabolism, is a newly rebranded peer-reviewed open access journal published by Taylor & Francis. Previously titled the “International Journal of Endocrine Oncology”, we are expanding our scope to encompass a broader range of crucial topics including, but not limited to, diabetes, rheumatology, thyroid disease and obesity.

“This is an exciting step for the journal, with prevalent issues such as diabetes and thyroid disease on the rise, this transition will enable us to publish high-quality scientific research and commentary with the opportunity to cover the entire field of endocrinology and metabolism”, commented Megan Bryant, Journal Development Editor at Taylor & Francis.

Aims & scope

Future Endocrinology & Metabolism is dedicated to advancing knowledge and practice in the dynamic fields of endocrinology and metabolism. Our focus is to bridge the gap between groundbreaking research and transformative clinical applications, providing valuable insights from bench to bedside for healthcare professionals and the general public alike.

The journal will publish the latest research findings in the diagnosis and management of endocrine and metabolic disorders, together with authoritative reviews, cutting-edge editorials and perspectives that highlight hot topics and controversy in the field.

What sets us apart?

The journal follows a gold open access model, publishing all articles under the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND license. Authors are required to comply fully with the journal’s Disclosure & Conflict of Interest Policy as well as major publishing guidelines, including ICMJE. All research and review-style articles submitted to the journals will undergo double-blind peer review by a minimum of two independent experts.

Future Endocrinology & Metabolism distinguishes itself by being a conduit for the translation of complex research findings to accessible information. We publish plain language summary publications to promote understanding of research within the field among the general public.

For further information please contact Roshaine Wijayatunga, Acting Head of Editorial: [email protected].

Editorial Advisory Board

Our Editorial Advisory Board comprises global opinion leaders, including Dr. Karel Pacak, an internationally renowned expert in endocrinology known for his work in diagnosing and treating neuroendocrine tumors.

Dr. Pacak recently discussed the importance of the discipline, commenting: “endocrinology remains an exciting field full of discovery and novel treatments that change the very landscape of global diseases (eg GLP-1 agonists and obesity). Although we often presume that hormones have their known finite targets and concretely defined circuits, we are constantly recognizing new actions, feedback mechanisms, and roles in controlling the function of yet more organs and physiologic processes.”

The Editorial Board will work alongside the Journal Development Editor to ensure that every article published meets the highest standards of quality and relevance.

Call for papers

We will soon be actively soliciting contributions of original research, reviews and perspective articles for Future Endocrinology & Metabolism.  While the journal is in its relaunch phase, we will be waiving fees for research articles and review content.

Please note: discounts/waivers do not apply to Plain Language Summary Publications.

To submit your article, please contact Roshaine Wijayatunga, Acting Head of Editorial: [email protected].