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Journal of Health Equity aims to become a leading open access journal addressing the pressing and important issues of health equity globally, with a focus on interprofessional and interdisciplinary science.

‘Within the next 3 years I see Health Equity being recognised as a significant publication outlet for scholarship in this field, and within 6 years as the preferred choice among health equity scholars. To achieve this, I will build on my experience as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Interprofessional Care, and work to foster a vibrant intellectual community of scholars, clinicians, educators, and social scientists to collaboratively advance the knowledge and evidence base on health equity. In doing so, my goal will be to inform and promote effective policies and interventions that improve health outcomes and reduce disparities globally.’ – Professor Xyrichis, Editor-in-Chief

              Meet the editor

              With almost two decades of experience in health care research, pedagogy, and scholarship, Professor Xyrichis has a passion for improving equitable health outcomes and access to services for communities across low-, middle- and high-income countries.

              During this time, he has developed significant experience and expertise as a researcher, writer, team leader, science communicator and editor; this is reflected in his publication record and international appointments.

              Professor Xyrichis
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