Journal of Cyber Policy Mentorship Scheme – Call for Abstracts (2023 cycle)

Applications are currently closed and will re-open in mid-2024. Applicants to the first cycle of the Mentorship Scheme will be notified directly.


The JCP Mentorship Scheme aims to increase and amplify voices from historically under-represented groups in the field of cyber policy. The scheme seeks to contribute to the research, careers and professional development of promising scholars from such groups by pairing mentees with mentors from a pool of thought-leaders in cyber policy: established academics, professionals and research experts. Ultimately, the scheme will act as an inclusive platform for high-quality knowledge production and idea development. The programme is part of the JCP’s commitments to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion.


Prospective mentees are invited to submit an abstract and short personal blurb. Applications will be assessed anonymously by the editorial team and applicants will be notified of the outcome by 15 December 2023.

Successful applicants will be paired with a mentor. There is no requirement for a shared disciplinary background between mentors and mentees. More important is a shared interest in developing the mentee’s abstract into a strong piece of work. For the first iteration of the scheme, mentors will be selected from a pool of experts involved in the Journal of Cyber Policy’s Editorial Board.

With support from the JCP’s editorial team:

  • Mentees and mentors will meet at least three times over the course of the scheme;

  • With guidance and review from the mentors, the mentee will develop a full draft of the article based on the submitted abstract, to be submitted to the JCP;

  • If the mentee’s submission advances past the peer review stage, the mentor will support the mentee in developing and submitting a revised draft.

Throughout the process, the JCP editorial team will share guidance on the editorial process and suggested benchmarks and timelines. They will also collect feedback from the mentor and mentee, ensuring their collaboration adheres to the JCP’s mentorship principles, rooted in trust, independence, respect and sustaining a positive working relationship.

While mentor support is available and encouraged, the mentee will ‘hold the pen’ on the article. While a central aim of participation in this scheme is to complete and publish an article, this scheme is not a guarantee of publication, and articles submitted by JCP mentees will be subject to the same editorial and double-blind peer review process as regular articles.

Submission Instructions

Prospective applicants are requested to submit an abstract and personal blurb (both up to 500 words) for consideration. Please submit both documents via email to [email protected] by 31 October 2023. Applicants will be notified of the outcome by 15 December 2023.


Abstracts should focus on an area of cyber policy. Applicants are encouraged to share a novel viewpoint or argument to understand an emerging or under-explored area, or contribute to an existing debate or topic (including from an EDI lens). The proposed research in the submitted abstract should demonstrate a clear potential for elaboration in a full article, and a clear potential for policy relevance.

The abstract should include a clear argument and a brief explanation of methodology and data sources. It could also include a summary of potential conclusions or recommendations. The abstract should state its proposed contribution to the field of cyber policy.

Personal blurb

The personal blurb is the applicant’s opportunity to demonstrate their suitability for the Mentorship Scheme and how participation in the scheme would benefit their research, career and professional development. The applicant should answer the question: How would you benefit from participating in the JCP Mentorship Scheme?

The scheme is designed to specifically support mentees from historically under-represented backgrounds in cyber policy. Applicants from individuals identifying as women, non-binary or gender-queer are highly encouraged, as are applications from individuals coming from or currently residing in developing countries. The scheme is also focused on ‘early career’ researchers without an established track record of publication in the field, where they meet the criteria above.

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More about the journal

The Journal of Cyber Policy will provide a unique place for scholars and practitioners to address emerging cyber policy challenges, which are growing in scope and urgency as countries around the world are becoming increasingly dependent on digital networks. Decision-makers in the public and private sectors are grappling with the security challenges posed by this inter-dependence and are often at a loss for informed and rigorous thinking.

The policy issues that emerge from our interconnected digital world are inherently international, and the journal will draw upon a geographically and culturally diverse set of contributors. The journal will place a strong emphasis on topics that are international in scope, and can address national and international cyber policy challenges.

The challenges of the cyber world are cross-disciplinary, and the journal will reflect this in the range of contributions that it solicits. The list of disciplines includes: politics, economics, sociology, anthropology, public administration, law, outer space security, military sciences, and media studies and communication. Topics of particular interest will include cyber warfare, cyber crime, internet governance, implications of emerging technologies such as autonomous weapons and quantum computing, internet access, the growing societal dependence on digital connectivity, and balancing the demands of personal privacy and national security.

Guidance for Peer Reviewers

The Journal of Cyber Policy is published three times a year.

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Authors can choose to publish gold open access in this journal.

Read the Instructions for Authors for information on how to submit your article.

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