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Crusades is a biannual journal, founded in 2002 and published by Routledge on behalf of The Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East. It is devoted to all aspects of crusading activity from the Middle Ages through the Early Modern era and down to modern memories of the subject. It draws together scholarship on all theatres of crusading from its importance in the Latin West to its impact on lands across the Baltic to Africa and from Iberia to the Near East. The journal is open to contributions on Christian, Muslim and Jewish perspectives of the crusades.

Our authors range across social, political and military history, theology, law, literature, art, material culture, numismatics and economic history, as well as the memorialization of the crusades. It particularly welcomes submissions on historical sources – narrative, homiletic, documentary – to be made available in trustworthy editions in both European and oriental languages; interpretative contributions are welcomed too. The Journal aims to further diversity of methodology and perspective, and encourages contributions from Early Career Researchers as well as established scholars.

          Meet the editors

          Iris Shagrir headshot
          Iris Shagrir is professor of medieval history at the Open University of Israel (OUI).

          Her research focuses on the social and cultural history of the medieval period, Christian-Muslim relations in the Middle Ages, crusade studies, history of Jerusalem, liturgy, pilgrimage and medieval naming patterns. Recent publications deal with Latin religious rituals in Outremer, the memory of the crusades across medieval Western Europe, the soundscape and material culture of the Latin Kingdom, the Eternal (‘Wandering’) Jew, and with early articulations of religious skepticism in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Currently, she runs a research project with prof. Reuven Amitai, entitled “Ghost Cities and Boom Towns in the Levant: The Fate and Memory of Cities and Their Hinterlands on the Palestinian Coast in the Post-Crusader Era (1265-1600 CE)”. She has served as head of the Department of History, Philosophy and Judaic Studies, and is currently head of the historical studies at the OUI. She serves as a member of the Council of Higher Education of Israel, and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. She is joint editor-in-chief of Crusades, the journal of the Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East.

          Jonathan Phillips
          Jonathan Phillips is Professor of the History of the Crusades at Royal Holloway, University of London. He has published extensively on the history of the medieval crusades, including works on the Second and Fourth Crusades. His previous publications include The Crusades, 1095-1204 (2014), The Life and Legend of the Sultan Saladin (2019) and edits, with Mike Horswell, the series Engaging the replace it
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