Black Histories: Dialogues

Black Histories: Dialogues is a biannual, peer reviewed journal that publishes original and current research on a global understanding of the histories of people of African descent.

The journal takes a multi-disciplinary approach within historical studies, including the social, intellectual, economic, political, and financial. Black Histories aims to showcase original research around intersectional themes such as race, class, gender, and identity as well as focusing on economic and/or socio-political issues within a historical framework.

The journal seeks to encourage studies of Black Britain and the wider African diaspora as well as continental African societies, through a lens that will foreground complex and multi-layered themes through critical analyses. 

Black Histories: Dialogues recognizes the academic value of diverse perspectives and seeks submissions from scholars at all career stages and from all geographic regions. The journal publishes research articles and book reviews. Both general content and special issue topics will be published.

                Meet the editors

                Dr. Chris Roy Zembe is a Lecturer in History at De Montfort University. His research interests are, Africa’s Colonial and Post-colonial Histories, and the African diaspora. His published work consists of a book titled Zimbabwean Communities in Britain Imperial and Post-Colonial Identities and Legacies; a Chapter titled “Quest for a Cohesive Diaspora African Community: Reliving Historic Experiences by Black Zimbabweans in Britain” in an edited book on New Perspectives on Black British History; and an article Migrating with Colonial and Post-Colonial Memories: Dynamics of Racial Interactions within Zimbabwe’s Minority Communities in Britain.

                Chris has also been involved in ‘History Matters’ aimed at encouraging students of African and Caribbean heritage to study history in British education institutions. He has also presented conference papers.

                Dr. Elizabeth M. Williams is a historian, an academic librarian and Heads up a team of Academic Support Librarians covering the 3 Colleges of the University of Edinburgh; the College of Science and Engineering, the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, the College of Arts Humanities and the Social Sciences. These Colleges incorporate 20-plus Schools and there are a growing number of research centres and institutes.

                Williams specialises in Modern British history and its relationship with Africa, the Caribbean and the African Diaspora including Black Britain. Her most recent book examined Britain’s relationship with South Africa ‘The Politics of Race in Britain and South Africa: Black British Solidarity with the Anti-Apartheid Struggle’ examined this history (Bloomsbury, 2017). The next book ‘Black Britain and Nelson Mandela: Pulling the Branch of a Tree’ (Bloomsbury, London) will be released in 2024 the 30th anniversary of South Africa’s first democratic election.

                Williams is a seasoned keynote speaker and lecturer visiting Europe, Americas, the Middle East and Africa.
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