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We have carefully curated a range of Medicine & Allied Health journals for your selection. At the core of this list are journals that serve the world-wide scientific community covering several areas such as General Medicine, Public Health, Microbiology, Dentistry, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and more!

As one of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly journals, Taylor & Francis strives to offer the very best publishing experience. Our international academic journals follow a rigorous peer review process to support change-makers at every step of their journey.

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Top Open Access Journals in Medicine & Health

Annals of Medicine

A peer-reviewed OA journal publishing across all areas of medicine as part of the Elevate Series

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Future Science OA

A peer-reviewed, gold open access journal, appearing on PubMed via PubMedCentral covering research and discussion related to advances in biotechnology, medicine and health. All articles are published under the Creative Commons CC-BY license to allow maximum dissemination. This journal offers accelerated publication.
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Cogent Public Health

Publishes research on biomedical science, experimental, translational and clinical approaches, immunology, epidemiology, pharmaceutical science and infections.
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Advances and Applications in Bioinformatics and Chemistry

Publishes open access research on bioinformatics, including computational biomodelling, genomics, biochemistry and biophysics, as well as systems biology.


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Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare

Pragmatic and Observational Research

Global Public Health

Global Public Health publishes research into public health, health access and global health policies, development, inequalities and management.
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Global Health Action

Global Health Action is an international journal publishing research in the field of global health, addressing transnational health and policy issues. 
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Drug, Healthcare and Patient Safety

Publishes open access research on patient safety from diagnosis through to surgery, including safety guidelines, risk management, education and health literacy.

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Health Systems & Reform

The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine

Publishes research on pregnancy complications, perinatal and neonatal medicine, covering obstetric, medical, genetic, mental health and surgical complications.
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Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Publishes research on obstetrics and gynecology, covering maternal health, risk factors, diseases, treatment and mortality in clinical practice.
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International Journal of Women’s Health

Publishes open access research on women’s healthcare, focusing on obstetrics and gynecology, sexual and reproductive health, and psychosocial conditions.


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Open Access Journal of Contraception

Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dentistry

Publishes open access research on dentistry, focusing on cosmetic intervention, including novel materials, techniques and devices, surgery, and orthodontics.


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Journal of Oral Microbiology

Publishes research on aetiological agents behind oral infectious diseases, including their pathogenesis, virulence, host-parasite interactions, and immunology.
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Clinical and Investigative Orthodontics

Covers areas of orthodontics such as dental braces, skeletal anchorage devices, temporomandibular disorders, craniofacial anomalies and orthognathic surgery.
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Gut Microbes

Gut Microbes publishes research on intestinal microbiota, and its role in gastrointestinal, liver, cardiac disease, cancer, and irritable and inflammatory bowel conditions.
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Communicative & Integrative Biology

Researching in biological sciences such as animal, plant, microbial communication, signaling, cognition, consciousness, evolution, ecology & behavioral ecology.
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Future Virology

A peer-reviewed journal covering basic, translational and clinical research in virology. The journal covers a wide range of topics, from new or re-emerging outbreaks to viral vectors, looking at impact on human health. A range of invited and unsolicited articles are considered, with original research, narrative and systematic reviews, and opinion pieces. This journal offers accelerated publication.

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Virulence publishes research on microbial pathogenesis, infection mechanisms and host–pathogen interactions to address new challenges in infectious diseases.
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Prion publishes papers on protein folding and misfolding, protein assembly disorders and protein structural inheritance.
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Future Microbiology

A MEDLINE-indexed, peer-reviewed journal providing essential information to the research community, covering basic, translational and clinical research in microbiology (bacteriology, virology, mycology and parasitology) and the impact on human health. This journal offers accelerated publication.

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