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2022 IF: 4.1
2022 CiteScore: 6.1
Usage:174K annual downloads/views

2022 IF: 6.1
2022 CiteScore: 10.5
Usage: 380K annual downloads/views

2022 IF: 10.6
2022 CiteScore: 17
Usage: 177K annual downloads/views

2022 IF: 8.3
2022 CiteScore: 14.1
Usage: 395K annual downloads/views

2022 IF: 4.1
2022 CiteScore: 4.8
Usage: 228K annual downloads/views

2022 IF: 5.5
2022 CiteScore: 13.3
Usage: 659K annual downloads/views

2022 IF: pending
2022 CiteScore: pending
Usage: 20K annual downloads/views

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We are excited to invite you to submit your public health article to one of our open access journals. Publishing your study open access enables you to:

  • Get more views and citations:
    Open access articles achieve 95% more citations and more than 7 times the downloads of non-open access

  • Comply with funding mandates:
    Our gold open access public health journals are fully funder compliant, making them an excellent option to increase the impact of your research

  • Increase visibility and connections:
    We use the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license. This means that, while you retain copyright, your peers can distribute, remix, and build upon your work, enabling further innovation and cross-disciplinary global collaboration

  • Benefit from fast format-free submission:
    All journals in this collection feature format-free submission. This enables you to submit your paper, including references, in any scholarly format or layout.

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