Meet The Editor Series

Get an in-depth look at our editors’ perspectives on research, career advice and the intricacies of their daily work in their respective domains.

Physical Sciences & Engineering

Giulia De Togni & James Wright

Meet the Guest Editors: Dr Giulia De Togni & Dr James Wright

The following interview delves into the insights of Dr Giulia De Togni and Dr James Wright, who are co-editors for the Special Issue in Focus: ‘Robots and Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare in Japan and South Korea’ from East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal. They discuss their inspiration, collaborative efforts, and findings in curating this Special Issue.

Professor Yukiko Yamada-Takamura

Meet the Editor: Professor Yukiko Yamada-Takamura

In honour of International Women’s Day, we speak to Prof. Yukiko Yamada-Takamura, Associate Editor of Science and Technology of Advanced Materials as she shares her thoughts on why more women should pursue their passion in STEM.

Prof Tanja Zimmermann

Meet the Editor: Professor Tanja Zimmermann

In honour of International Women’s Day, we speak to Prof. Tanja Zimmermann, Empa’s first female Director. Together, we dive in on the topic of sustainability and her work on wood. We uncover the challenges she faced and ways her studies can help address our current environmental issues.

Prof Sarah Cartmell

Meet the Editor: Professor Sarah Cartmell

In honour of International Women’s Day, we speak to Prof. Sarah Cartmell to get to know what drives her passion in bioengineering and what lessons she has gained that can help inspire leadership in women in the field.

Professor Yusuke Uchiyama at AOGS 2023 Annual Meeting, Singapore, August 2023

Meet the Editor: Professor Yusuke Uchiyama

We speak to Prof. Yusuke Uchiyama, Editor-in-Chief of Coastal Engineering Journal about his insights as to why Coastal Engineering is a vital field of study and practice. He also shares his thoughts on the impact of radioactivity on marine life in relation to the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident.

Prof Masato’s dedicated team of researchers celebrating a graduation in March 2023.

Meet the Editor: Professor Masato Yamamura

We speak to Prof. Masato Yamamura, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan about his research on coating and drying of thin films involving micro and nano-structures, its challenges and the future of coating technology.

Professor Marcelo Ang, Editor of Advanced Robotics

Meet the Editor: Professor Marcelo H. Ang Jr

In our interview with Prof. Marcelo Ang, Editor of Advanced Robotics, we discover how AI robots are an essential counterpart for humanity today and in the future. He shares his passion of work and personal advice for early researchers in this field.

Professor Yeong-Wai-Yee

Meet the Editor: Professor Yeong Wai Yee

In this edition of our series, we speak to Prof. Yeong Wai Yee, Associate Editor of Virtual and Physical Prototyping as she shares how we can encourage more women to pursue careers in STEM and what we can look forward to in the future with 3D Bioprinting.

Earth & Environment

Man looking upwards in a forest.

Meet the Editor: Professor Kim Hyun Seok

We speak to Prof. Kim Hyun Seok, a notable figure in Forest Science and Environmental Studies and Editor-in-Chief of Forest Science and Technology. Here, he shares the implications of global warming to the environment and how early researchers can contribute to the field.

Dr Gregory Giuliani

Meet the Editor: Dr Gregory Giuliani

In this edition of our series, we speak to Dr Gregory Giuliani, Editor of International Journal of Digital Earth as he shares the importance of his field of work, his day-to-day role as an editor and the contributions of Digital Earth research to today’s issue of climate change.

Prof. Claudia Baldwin

Meet the Editor: Professor Claudia Baldwin

In this inaugural interview, we speak to Prof. Claudia Baldwin, Associate Editor of Australasian Journal of Environmental Management. She shares insights into her research focus, and tips to help early career researchers publish and advance in their careers.

Medicine & Health

Dr Kei Nakashima

Meet the Editor: Kei Nakashima

In this interview, we talk to Prof. Kei Nakashima, Associate Editor of Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics Journal. He is a strong advocate for learning and regularly contributes to the dissemination of knowledge to early career doctors and researchers through the hospital’s website, blogs, and social media channels.

Humanities, Media, Arts

Danilo Araña Arao

Meet the Editor: Professor Danilo Araña Arao

In this interview, we talk to Prof. Danilo Araña Arao, Editor of Media Asia where he talks about one of the journal’s article on the parasocial relationship of celebrities and their fans, and what drew him to make a permanent home in Media Asia.

Professor Ang Peng Hwa

Meet the Editor: Professor Ang Peng Hwa

In this interview, we speak with Prof. Ang Peng Hwa, Editor of Asian Journal of Communication. We learn more about his day-to-day role and what submission topics he most look forward to.