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Materials Research Letters
Publishes works on the engineering, technology and applications of materials, materials physics and chemistry for novel and emergent materials.
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Publishes original research papers, reviews and rapid communications on the composition, structure, properties, function and characterization of nanocomposites.
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Designed Monomers and Polymers
Publishes research on macromolecular design and applications, including monomer synthesis, new polymers and monomers and polymerization kinetics and mechanisms.
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International Journal of Smart and Nano Materials
Advancing research on smart and nano materials and their integration with nanotechnology for application of novel materials and structures.
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Advanced Manufacturing: Polymer & Composites Science
Publishes open access research on advanced and automated manufacturing challenges in structural polymer-based composites and multifunctional materials.
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Materials Technology
Publishes papers on functional materials, inclusive of biomaterials, packaging materials and flexible electronics, specifically, advanced materials.
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