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The Bibsam agreement, between Swedish institutions and Routledge, allows researchers of education to publish open access articles at no cost to themselves. Find out if your institution is part of the agreement by clicking the full list here.

Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
Welcomes philosophical, historical, comparative, experimental, and survey studies of educational research in Nordic countries. It encourages vital concepts, new issues, and thoughts on the importance of education in the future.
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Journal of Curriculum Studies
Publishes papers on curriculum studies, covering pedagogy, political, social and cultural studies, education policy, vocational education and more.
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Educational Research
Educational Research is a leading international forum for informed thinking on all issues of contemporary concern in education.
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Educational Review
Publishes on educational research including curriculum studies, educational philosophy, psychology, sociology, and international & comparative education.
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Journal of Education and Work
Examines how knowledge and skills about work and employment are developed in the education system. The journal also looks at industrial training and its relationship with the economy including changes in infrastructure.
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Educational Action Research
Publishes action research in education, including reflective practice, professional development, curriculum development and democratic management.
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