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Did you know that you could be able to publish your politics research open access at no cost to yourself?

The Jisc open access agreement allows authors at participating UK institutions to publish open access in over 2,000 journals.

As one of the leading humanities publishers, we are excited to offer you the opportunity of publishing your politics research open access with Taylor & Francis.

With all journals featured in this collection you can…

  • Get more views and citations:
    Open access articles achieve 95% more citations and more than 7 times the downloads of non-open access

  • Comply with funding mandates:
    Our gold open access politics journals are fully funder compliant, making them an excellent option to increase the impact of your research

  • Increase visibility and connections:
    We use the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license. This means that, while you retain copyright, your peers can distribute, remix, and build upon your work, enabling further innovation and cross-disciplinary global collaboration

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New Political Economy
Research on domestic, comparative and global political economy covering justice, inequality, resources, and global markets, institutions and regulation.
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Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties
An international journal publishing peer reviewed research on elections, public opinion, participation and political parties.
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The International Journal of Human Rights
Covers human rights issues including human rights and the law, race, religion, gender, children, class, refugees, immigration, genocide, torture and war crimes.
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Journal of European Public Policy
Publishes leading research on European public policy and European politics, including public policy developments and political processes and policies.
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Environmental Politics
Publishing original work focusing on patterns and processes at various temporal and spatial scales across different levels of biological organization.
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West European Politics
West European Politics publishes research on politics, government and public policy in Western Europe, including coverage of the EU and national elections.
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Journal of European Integration
Publishes cutting-edge research on all aspects of the European integration process, incl. the European Union’s internal developments as well as its global role.
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Publishes multidisciplinary research on interstate relations, geography and geopolitics, powerplays, identity politics and political geography.
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